It`s been a long time, without you my friends, but I`ll tell you all about it when I see you again!

Well, here it is. The moment we`ve all been waiting for. And I don`t really want it to be here! I miss my family completely, and I miss real food (like toast? Somebody make me toast please!) But I`m going to miss the family I have made here. And more than anything, I can`t believe that my time has come. And I probably won`t believe it until I get on the plane!

I`ve actually been pretty sick these last few days, I spent all day yesterday in bed sleeping. Everybody (even the nurse) remind me I only have one week left, and how it`s so terrible I got sick at the finish line. I`ve made all my mission without getting sick like this! But hopefully it`s getting better and I`ll come home just fine! And endure to the end!
I thank my father in heaven for this AMAZING oportunity to be here in Nicaragua. To love the people. To preach the gospel. I would not change this experience for ANYTHING. It`s been hard and hot, and people can be rude. I`ve cried and begged that things could change. But I have gained so much FAITH and PATIENCE for the work. I have learned LOVE and CHARITY for the people and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the atoning power is REAL. I have seen it change the lives of a lot of people, and I have seen it change my own life a thousands times. I am a way better person than who I was at the begining, and I hope I can take what I`ve learned, and keep this relationship with God to become an even better person after.
I`m excited to come home, but I think my family is more excited! I`ll be just as excited when I see you all. But I am sure grateful for things like facebook and “whatsapp” to keep in touch with all the my family and friends here too!
Well… we`ll talk more next week. I love you all!
I`m gona miss this view
Josefa and Rey were baptized!
and Pres. Barrera left his keys in the office

Go big or go home!

So, at the begining of my mission, I told you all about the BBQ. The zone that baptises the most in a month with 5 weeks gets to have a BBQ at President`s house. And guess what

WE WON!!!!!  Our little band of 12 missionaries, we won! Wow. So awesome!

So this week was HARD! We found a ton of new people… and the next time we went back with them, they all had excuses of why they couldn`t meet with us. They decided to be Catholic again. It wasn`t their time… I don`t know. A bunch of hard stuff. But that`s alright, because we`re ready to work like crazy!
This past week was Hernandez`s birthday, so we ate at a members house for dinner, and worked with the Elders (not for her birthday, but just for divisions). We also found this awesome tree that is completly burnt. It was pretty awesome.
So, we are preparing for the baptism of Josefa, and maybe her son Rey. We are so excited for them! She is awesome, and the good part is that she is already good friends with a lot of the sisters in Relief Society! So we`re pretty stolked for that!
I love you all! I`m excited to see you all soon!

Sister Elders…or Elderas

Big news…. PANTS!

That`s why I`m writing late… PANTS!

As many of you probably know, Nicaragua has a HUGE problem with a lot of Mosquito illnesses. Chicanguña, Sica, Dengee, (spell check on ANY of those words) is spreading like wild fire. And sadly inlcuding to the missionaries too (man, spanish to english, it hurts my brain) so we`ve been told mosquito nets, permithrin, deet, EVERYTHING. and missionaries are still getting sick… especially the sisters….so… no presenting…. SISTER ELDERS! Complete with the mujerdocio…. jk about the Mujerdocio thing. (it means sisterhood) So we spent our ENTIRE p-day in Managua, getting our NEW PANTS! Custom fit and everything. I feel pretty Elder-y.
This last week was a good and rough one. We had a baptism so like -YAY- but also had a hard time finding new investigators -boo- Josefa and Rey said they believe in the Book of Mormon -YAY- but Sinia`s mom is getting ruder and ruder every time we go to their house -boo-. But that`s the mission for you!
Marvin was baptized! Everything went smoothly (once we found the dang boy) really though, I think he is the buziest boy in all of Nicaragua. 16 years old and already in College, as well as taking other classes on the side. Crazy. The good thing is that the Elders are baptizing a young lady this next Saturday, and well, at church they really seemed to hit it off…. really well. Left the church building together and everything. Bucket list item. Two converts falling in love! BOOM!
anyways. Sorry for writing late again. Nos vemos!

4th of July

Happy Independance Day! WAHOO! This year I actually did a good American job, and we made hamburgers! And tried to take some pictures as a District. Hermana Mendez and I are the only Gringas, but the Elders in our district didn´t mind eating hamburgers and signing the national anthem! We dressed up like the flag, I´m the stars and she´s the stripes. Yeah… that was about the best we could do!

So, this past weekend, Michell David was baptized! Wahoo! He was really excited for it, and it all went down well. Kathy and Eric and getting married and baptized this weekend, and we are so excited! Eric wasn´t so sure about getting married, but Elder Jimenez talked to him on Thursday, and Friday we went and talked some more, and he agreed. And then ever since then he´s just been on board! They are both excited for their Wedding, and we are stressed out trying to get all the paperwork together in such short little time.
We are also teaching this kid named Marvin, who is 16, who is just amazing! He is so excited for his baptism, and we´re pretty sad that changes happen to fall the 13th, because his baptism is for the 16th. But all is well.
Just loving it here, Happy Independance day!

In the pictures we are trying to spell out July….

Leaving it all on the field.

Really fighting through the trunky this week! It´s kinda hard when we have spent more time than usual at home, Hermana Mendez is still pretty sick. At the start of this last week she had gotten a lot better, until about Thursday, when she took a turn for the worst. At about 4 pm she was throwing up in the street and almost passed out. We got her home, and I went out and worked with a member for a little bit. Then about at 9 pm the nurse called us and told us that we should go to the hospital, in Managua (about 45 min away) LUCKILY we have some rich members in the branch who is an RM and has a car, so she drove us to the hospital. We went to the ER where they did a bunch of tests, and at about 2 am they told us… well, that all the tests came out negative… that she didn´t have anything. We were pretty upset, obviously she had SOMETHING because she kept throwing up, and she was very dizzy. The only way we were going to get home was in Taxi, and so the hospital didn´t let us leave until the morning. And so we spent ALL NIGHT in the ER. It was terrible. We got home and just slept.

But the good news is that Hermana Mendez is feeling better lately, again. So we just hope that she doesn´t over due it again, and it´s all uphill from here!
Michell is really positive, and his baptism is this weekend! We are pretty excited. Eric is showing a lot more interest, but says he´s still too “young” to get married (even though he already has a 4 year old son…) So we are trying to help him gain more of a testimony so that he can keep the commandment! Saturday they told us that they weren´t going to go to church, because they were going to go go the beach with her parents. We gave this HUGE lesson about keeping the Sabbath day holy. At the end their Mom called and they asked if they could go later, and she agreed. They went to church and it was awesome. That night they told us that there had been an accident in Rivas (the city near the ocean) and if they had left earlier, they would have gotten stuck in traffic for the same amount of time as church was. And wouldn´t have gotten there until later anyways. Kathy took that as a sign from God that she was supposed to go to church. It was pretty great!
Living it up here in Paradise! Love you all! Only 18 months to live it!

Happy Fathers Day!

Well… Mothers day being the biggest holiday celebrate here in Nicaragua, Fathers day just well… I don`t think anybody knew it as Fathers day yesterday.,


Anyways. This week there hasn`t been much done. The zone leaders came and worked with us, and the sister training leader.
My companion is still pretty sick, throwing up several times a day and so on. So we`ve been going home earlier. Which is weird, because I have actually been extra tired lately. I end up not even just making to my bed, and falling asleep in the hammock (which I totally fell out of one night. It scared Hermana Mendez a lot!)
There isn`t really anything to tell. I`m excited for August, but it`s coming way to fast! I can`t believe I`m almost done. I never want to go home! But at the same time. I miss you all dearly.

RE-Living Conference

So this week has been a good one, one that is kind of blurry. I´ve been walking aroud with a slight cold and headache all week, but nothing too bad. My companion has it worse, the found out she has a parasite, and so she has been throwing up all week. It´s been hard, but she´s a fighter and just keeps working through it. Shes pretty amazing.
Good thing was that CARLOS WAS BAPTIZED! He was so excited, and during third hour on Sunday he recieved the priesthood, and is going to pass the sacrement the next week! Hurray! The baptism was hard, nobody showed up and it started to rain… and our font is outside… we had to call our zone leaders from  Masaya (about 30 min away) who came running in a taxi (which is so much more expensive than by bus) but they got there to be the witnesses and everything went well. Carlos is amazing!
Kathy didn´t come to church this last weekend, but her little brother Michell did go, and he´s way cool. From what we´ve heard Eric really isn´t interested, but if we can just get him to agree to be married Kathy would get baptized. So we´re just working with them pretty hard.
We had a multi-zone in this week, were we learned even more about working with members. It was good, We´ve been doing some family nights with Offields and his neighbors, it seems to really be good. We watched “Finding Faith in Christ” and we left after the movie, and they told us that they liked it so much they watched it a second time! So we are going to see what we can do with them to animate them more!
We also got the latest GC talks in our multi-zone, so we´ve been reading those. Man, they always make me cry. And I ESPECIALLY love the Priesthood session. It´s pretty great! Man, I just love being guided by living Prophets of the Lord! It´s just wonderful.dsc06735