Well… I`m sure I would cry. But I haven`t taken it down yet… so yeah!

This has been an AMAZING week. I don`t even know where to start.

I`ll start with a baby peeing on my feet. I just love how NOBODY puts diapers on their babies… so they just kinda go. Highlight of my week!

Naw I`m just kidding. And the babies mom went to church, so I couldn`t even be mad at her. Speaking of successful missionaries… we are! As a mission we hit 2200 BABTISMS! What?! Yeah, we`re pretty excited. So in January we are all going to SAN JUAN DEL SUR. Like the most touristical place in Nicaragua.We`re pretty excited.

So thursday we had our Multi-zona Navide√Īa! Super great. We got this thing to hold our plaqua and our little medallion that we get for finishing our training, and a pen. That has our name on it! Also we got… wait for it… MICROWAVES! Yes. I have been living the last 10 months without a microwave. I don`t even know what to do with it right now!

I loved talking to all of you. Even though I kinda had a melt down on the screen when you couldn`t hear me… It`s been a long 10 months ūüėä naw hombre. I`m really doing fine. Just get really weepy really fast. P-days are the worst, reading your very supportive letters… Liahonas too, they make me cry like every day. But It`s a good weepy. As in, I`m happy! I`m glad I got to talk to you guys (and in English) and see your faces. The camera did end up working after while, so I did get to see a lot of you. I just love sharing a little bit of what I`m doing here!

Dad. Don`t even worry if you totaled my little green machine… I mean, I am so broken up… NOT EVEN! She was on her way out, and I`m glad she died honorably. With her boots on. It would have been pretty embarassing if she just died one day in the drive way. NO CAR OF MINE WOULD DIE THAT WAY! And by the way, when do you finish up with your radiation treatments? soon right? Hopefully… You looked A TON better than I thought you would look. I had all sorts of crazy imagines in my head. The word cancer is always scary. I LOVE YOU LOTS!

I am so grateful for all of my family. Sometimes I definently don`t express it enough. I am so blessed to have a supportive family. I hear too many stories from companions/friends of how they didn`t talk to their families, or other things, because they don`t get this kind of support. I LOVE YOU ALL!

(my camera isn`t connecting… so I`ll send pictures the next week! Promise!!)


I`ll be home for Christmas… if only just through skype!

Just kidding. I`ll totally be talking through google hangouts.

So this week has FLOWN by. Had a few days really sick with fever, but I have mostly gotten over that.
Hermana Chacon is awesome, we`ve had a great week together. She is learning so fast and so well. She even deals with my crazy feverish mood swings! So yeah. Couldn`t have asked for a better companion! She is awesome.DSC04770
But sadly this week we couldn`t find very many people. We only found one investigator who came to church with us… but it was just because he came out of his hiding spot too early¬†ūüėȬ†so we found him… BUT this awesome new investigator came to church by himself! AND HE IS BLIND! Can I just stress the amazingness of this situation? We can barely get the people we have taught and have gotten to know to come to church. And he just found himself at the church. No he doesn`t have any friends there. Yes he did go there intentionally (that was the first question ¬®Do you know where you are?¬® ¬®Yeah, I`m in front of the Mormon church¬® Alrighty then…) So yeah. Raul is out little miracle. And then today he gifted me a watermelon, so we`re basically just already ready for his babtism! MIRACLES!
So excited to talk to all of you FRIDAY! I`ll try to have a list of questions ready, because we will only have 45 minutes to talk. But I`m sure we`ll get a lot out! It`ll be so weird talking when we haven`t talked FOR SO LONG! So excited.
We`re so lucky too, because we have our Multi-Zone THURSDAY. Let us all be real here. The 24 of Dec is always the coolest day anyways! So, I have basically heard that it is always the most fun multi-zona of them all! I`m pretty excited.    Only 8 months to live it!

IT’s a GIRL!

So this week has been crazy! Saying goodbye to Hermana Hansen was so hard! She really has helped me be such a better missionary and not stress about the little things. Really miss being with her, but on to bigger things now!

So monday night was the purisima, so we actually couldn`t get a lot of work done. Lots of people singing to Mary virgen statues, pretty crazy stuff.
Tuesday morning we were followed by an old investigator (who was very drunk) and he came into the house of a member to bug us. Nothing happen, just proclaimed his love for me and spilled a little bit of his beer over my head. The usual. They also told us Tuesday that I was going to be training! Which makes those pregnant pictures I had sent just a little premature.
So yeah, I have my cute little ¨Daughter¨ Hermana Chacon. She is from Guatemala and has almost two years of being a member. She found out where she was going (and when) about a month ago, so that`s exciting. She had one week to prepare, and then was sent off to the MTC! Crazy. Anyways, she is wonderful and a fast learner. She has a great desire and hunger to spread the restored gospel to the people here in Diriamba! I`m still having a hard time loving this area, and it really is the last place I would have wanted to train, but we are going to BABTIZE THE WHOLE WORLD HERE!
Anyways. I was gonna take a picture with her today to send to ya`ll, but I actually woke up really really sick, so I guess I`ll save that picture for next week!
Here are some photos from Tuesday, our frito of a District leader gathered us all together to take some last ¨distrito refrito¨ photos. Also known as ¨Martinez and gringolandia¨ Which sadly is no more. Hermana Boulton is leaving in the middle of this change, and will leave me (once again) the only chelita in our district. We had a good time us four chelitas together, but we`ll be able to have all sorts of crazy mission reunions at home!

“Can you just tell me what I have to do to marry you?”

A few new marriage proposals this week. Nothing too new. Definently going to have a hard time adjusting to home life, when there isn’t somebody who wants to marry you on every street corner! (But usually they are very drunk… so I guess I’m ready to get rid of that) NOT THAT I AM EVEN THINKING OF GOING HOME! Not gonna lie, killing Hansen is hard. She isn’t “Trunky” but she does have to think about what it will be like at home… MY HOME!

Anyways. Getting out of that. So this week (well, more like today and tomorrow) is the “Purisima” so we have to work with a member tonight. Basically it is like Halloween! For catholics. There are these HUGE Virgen Mary statues (one right in from of our house… so exciting) and basically everybody goes and sings these Maria songs, to the statue (or idol?) and they get free rice and beans. And then all the men take it as yet ANOTHER excuse to get so drunk our of their minds. But that part shouldn’t really happen until after 9, so we’ll be all nice and tucken into our apartment by then. But yeah, super interesting.
Random thought for the week. So, God can feel sad. (Not sad like we know it of course, but a disapointment and sadness for his wayward children) But still. It’s gotta be hard for him. He loves us with more love than we can imagine. So I think he must feel this sadness for us as well. I don’t know. Interesting concept. But also that, in this life we have sadness. Is part of this to help us prepare for the life eternal? To be able to have sad moments, but always be happy? To have this peace about us? So we should strive for that! We have sadness in different ways here on earth, because we failed, because of the bad choices of others. Sometimes just natural sadness. But it takes real skill to not get disanimated. Isn’t that a heavenly virture? I think it’s called HOPE. And PATIENCE. Dad you really are a wonderful example to me. You don’t tell me very much about your cancer, but I have picked up that it is harder than you let on. But you still do seem to have this HOPE. To keep plugging along. Even if you feel terrible. Hard times come, and sometimes because of our own fault. Sometimes because of the fault of others. And well, sometimes they just come.”Press forward, Saints, with steadfast faith in Christ,¬†With hope’s bright flame alight in heart and mind, With love of God and love of all mankind.”
That’s it folks!


We made some Christmas decorations to feel better about our lives. An event calender, and one of those ring things. It’s pretty great..