Another P-day… gone

So, they´ve gotten into this terrible habit of taking away our p-days. Today President Christainsen from the seventies came and talked to us, which was actually really uplifting… but it took away our entire p-day, and we only have time to write to our families. Which has been happening way to frequently. So, I can´t wait until everything settles down.

So, not much happened. I had some pictures, but I´m writing later, so I´m in a really sketchy Cyber, (internet cafe) so I´ll send the pictures this next week. Don´t worry, they are worth the wait.
This week has been full of ups and downs. From getting a package from the Smith family! THANK YOU! (Super amazing, full of bouncy balls and little knick-knacks to give the kids when they need to be bribed.) So from that high, to having to put the shoes on of an old man so that he would go to church… all sorts of service we do here. Which, I´m pretty sure Hermana Chacon has washed everybody´s clothes, and I´ve swept all their floors this week. We found it gets us into houses to contact the people. But then we usually just get stranded working in their house… awkward! 

Happy birthday to little Joe today! 5 years old! Wow. So old!
as well as a happy birthday to Brooklyn, I can´t believe she´s going to be 11! When I tell the people that I have 18 nieces and nephews, with 2 on the way, they just don´t believe it. We have a pretty amazing family!


What an AMAZING week. It started out with teaching Hermana Chacon English. (who knew that the word ¨acknowledge¨ could be such a tongue twister) And just having an awesome time with my daughter! And it ended with me recieving awesome letters and packages! Thank you Steve, and Carly and Andrew, and also the AMAZING package from the family Aagard! THANK YOU! Also the beautiful testimonies from the Relief Society sisters from the 5th ward. What an awesome idea! Thank you mom for sending me those!

And then… WE WENT TO SAN JUAN DEL SUR! Those who don`t know, it is probably the top tourist place here. Super awesome (Pictures to follow) we went to PLAYA GIGANTE… basically BIG BEACH.

Super awesome. We played all sorts of games on the beach, soccer, ultimate frisbee, broom hockey. Way awesome. We also got our new goal for this year… 2600 BABTISMS! WHAT?!? It`ll be crazy!

Driving up there was crazy, way out of the way. And in the middle of nowhere. It felt like driving through the mountains in UTAH! Dry. Desert-y mountains. We were freaking out a little bit (all the Utah Mormons) until we totally saw monkeys just hanging out in the trees… Utah illusion gone… BUT MONKEYS!? REALLY?!? (sadly didn`t get pictures of the monkeys)
I didn`t answer your question Mom, last week, about the apartments. Yeah, we have a hot plate, and a little mini fridge. And now a MICROWAVE! And about the photo of ¨My room¨… well. That`s basically our apartment. Just a bedroom. Or maybe a study room, and a bedroom.

So… RAUL SE BAUTIZÓ! HURRAY! Yeah, we`re excited. He was pretty happy and excited. Everything went smoothly. So happy!

Raul’s Baptism.
Well. Now to start another amazing week! Really hope I don`t have changes!


I know I´m like… a week late… but better late than never! (which the Nicaraguense don´t believe… if they´re late, they won´t go.. and they are always late… so nobody ever shows up for ANYTHING!

This this new years (or around the day) we were blessed with an EARTHQUAKE! Ok. little less. Nothing really, but it really startled my companion. I woke up to my bed shaking, and the mirror clattering against the wall, and just LEAPS out of bed to turn on the light to tell me it´s trembling… (is that a word in English? I´m doing my best to translate…) anyways. It passed quickly, but she was pretty shaken up (haha. Because it was an earthquake…) I was so tired though. I tried to act a little less calm (to make her feel like she wasn´t the only one) , but I wasn´t freaked out AT ALL. So I just went back to sleep.

Anyways. I hit a few bucket list items this week! I contacted a house where a lady lives, who´s 103 years old! And later we were told that she wasn´t the oldest in the neighborhood. That somebody who lives there is 113 YEARS OLD! I about died. Apparently he says it´s because he watches the moon… like when there is a new moon we should´t bathe, or cut our hair or nails or anything. And when there is a full moon we should cut our hair, and shave, and take like an hour long shower. I don´t know… but he is 113 years old, maybe he´s on to something…
Another bucket list moment, I NAMED A BABY! There is a less active that we met, who has a baby just about a month old. But still hasn´t named it. So we´ve been giving ideas. I told her “Kylie!” and she liked it, but it just wasn´t exactly what she wanted… so I just started giving all the names from our family.. and guess who won!?… CASEY! So yes. My dear brother. There is a little girl in Nicaragua named after you. You should feel so proud!
A few pictures. WE FINALLY HAD A BABTISM! Her name is Ana Maria, she is 16 yrs old, and lives with her baby (who´s 13 months old) next door to her Sister. She is awesome. We´re also teachig her… Dad? But it´s not her dad, just the random non relative who raised her… anyways. So we´re happy for her babtism!
Also, pray for this week, we have a Man named Raul, He´s blind, and just kinda… showed up at the church alone one Sunday. But he´s excited for his babtism this Saturday! Wahoo!
And also.. I don´t know if you guys know… but José Smith, is secretly the man from Quaker oats… naw. But some guys were shouting in the streets the other day how we worship the Quaker oats man… And then we found this in the land lady´s house… we couldn´t resist!

T.G.I.P.D. (Thank Goodness It’s P-Day)

MY has this week FLOWN BY! So crazy. Anyways.
Thank you for your music! We finally packed the Christmas music away, and enjoying the music. Even though some of it can get a little 90’s… I love it. Cute old cheesy church music!
Nothing much going on over here. Well, we’re preparing for two babtisms this weekend! Ana Maria and Eliezer! Ana Maria is amazing, she’s 16 years old, and has a 1 and a half year old son. She is amazing, reading in her Book of Mormon, has a testimony and everything! Eliezer is a little bit of an eternal investigator… well… a lot of one. But says he’s ready! He’s 18 years old, and just has a lot of fears. He has had challenges with… every part of the Word of Wisdom, but is now clean and ready to move on with his life. The District Leader has been helping us a TON with him (So much that sometimes he’s suffocating us) but I just need to be grateful for his help, and take my pride out of it. So we’re excited! Pray for them!