One year older and wiser too!

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! But honestly, I don’t even feel 21! It`s so crazy! My birthday went rather well! A sister from the ward made us lunch, and the Elders brought a cake. I have pictures of it all… but the internet here is very slow, and my camera is almost dead, so they will have to wait! Offields also bought us these little tarts, and gave us some Cebada too. It was a good day, and I felt very loved! I also got your package! Wahoo! I loved it, I loved the EOS chapstick, the shoes, candy, EVERYTHING! Thank you so much!
Yeah, Teresa has been asking for your number all week Mom, she wanted to give it to her aunt to call you. She`s been working with us a ton. She`s a 21 year old girl, who wants to go on a mission once she`s done studying, so she`s been working with us a ton! It`s been pretty great!
Good news, SHARON WAS BAPTIZED! We are so happy! She had to hide it from her parents, because they happened to be visiting this week, and they don`t approve, but she came all by herself dragging her two little boys behind her. It was amazing!
We`re also working with a really neat family, their names are Daniel and Solimar. We taught the Book of Mormon, and knelt down and prayed with them. Daniel said he really wants to know if it is true or not, and really wants to keep praying! They are amazing, and we will be meeting with them tomorrow to talk about the Law of Chastity, because they aren`t married yet!
We had a zone activity today! It was fun, we played futbol (and I ended up spraining my ankle… minor) and act pizza and just talked about the mission. It was pretty great. Today is MOTHERS DAY here in Nicaragua, which is a holiday even bigger than Christmas… so things are pretty crazy around here!
I`m sorry Dad isn`t feeling well again. But I know he will recieve blessings from the Lord for all his hard work!
This week I am left with the saddess feeling, that I don`t want to leave my sweet little Nicaragua. The spirit I feel, the streets I walk, I`m starting to get homessick for it and I haven`t even left yet! I know I still have a ways to go, but I`m going to miss being a missionary so much! I just love it!
3 months to live it, and all of eternity to look back on it!

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