4th of July

Happy Independance Day! WAHOO! This year I actually did a good American job, and we made hamburgers! And tried to take some pictures as a District. Hermana Mendez and I are the only Gringas, but the Elders in our district didn´t mind eating hamburgers and signing the national anthem! We dressed up like the flag, I´m the stars and she´s the stripes. Yeah… that was about the best we could do!

So, this past weekend, Michell David was baptized! Wahoo! He was really excited for it, and it all went down well. Kathy and Eric and getting married and baptized this weekend, and we are so excited! Eric wasn´t so sure about getting married, but Elder Jimenez talked to him on Thursday, and Friday we went and talked some more, and he agreed. And then ever since then he´s just been on board! They are both excited for their Wedding, and we are stressed out trying to get all the paperwork together in such short little time.
We are also teaching this kid named Marvin, who is 16, who is just amazing! He is so excited for his baptism, and we´re pretty sad that changes happen to fall the 13th, because his baptism is for the 16th. But all is well.
Just loving it here, Happy Independance day!

In the pictures we are trying to spell out July….

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