Not Trunky Yet!

So this week was awesome! Offields was baptized! He was the one who when we first met him, he told us all about how he needed to stop drinking, because his little girl had begged him to. So we set off to work. And not he even is talking about how we need to baptize his girlfriend so that they can get married in the temple! He is amazing! When he came up out of the water he took a deep breath, with his eyes closed. Like he was soaking it all in.

And other great news, we got to break in the pila (um… font?) that we cleaned last week! Wahoo! Took all morning filling it, and then the Elders had a ton of baptisms too, so we helped with theirs all day (because the groom was chickening out) so it was a good Saturday full of baptisms!
We`re also working with a lady named Sharon, she`s 19 and has two little boys (Emilio and Horacio) and she LOVES the church, but her parents are coming back this week from Costa Rica, and are firmly against her being baptized (you were born catholic, you must remain catholic!) But we went over there with the Zone leaders, and she was all smiles like “I`m getting baptized!” WAHOO! (and then it was really funny because her almost 2 year old son just saw Elder Castro and starts shouting “Papa!” and he was so happy. We asked her if he looked like the dad, and she said no, and that Horacio doesn`t even recognize the father)
So, today we went to Masaya to print pictures!!! (something we hardly ever get to do) So we went in style by carriage, and drank smoothies in this tree house table thing. It was amazing!
So that`s what`s going on! Love you all!

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