That’s so 70’s

So awesome this week. A NEW MISSION HAS BEGUN. Elder Ochoa from the area seventy came and spoke to us. And gave us a whole new perspective on the mission! He kinda got mad at us for focusing on numbers, and really talked about focusing on the people, and baptizing. We have been having monthly numbers, and he talked about how we need to get rid of that, and instead just focus on having a baptism every week. I really loved it. It helped me see that if we focus on the people, the weekly numbers will really take care of themselves. So we’ve really tried to chill out and focus on what our investigators need.

So Sofia and Nohelia were all ready to be baptized this Saturday, but now they`ve anounced a Conference this weekend… A conference for ALL OF CENTRAL AMERICA. WAHOO!!! Big news I bet… maybe a temple in Nicaragua? That would be so cool. But who knows. At the same time I don`t feel that there are enough people who are ready to make those bigger convenants. Or maybe there are. So glad that I don`t have to decide, and it`s all up to the lord who actually knows the hearts and minds of the people. But whatever it is, I`m sure it will be amazing!

Next Wednesday are transfers, so I`m grateful to spend another week and a half with Sister Chacon. She is amazing. She finished her training officially yesterday, so this next little bit will just be extra with her! What luck!

One year older and wiser too!

So, in this past week I completed one year in the mission! Wow, has time just flown by! It definitely  doesn’t feel that long.

This past week President Challenged us all to study Faith in Christ. I really enjoyed it. Something that I loved the most is that the faith in Christ, IS DOING HIS WILL! I can´t tell you how often we have people telling us that they have faith, and when we remind them of the Sabbath day, or of praying everyday, and they say they do it “When they have time”, where is the faith? May I remind you all that Faith without works is dead. Thank you Apostle James. Faith is also hope, patience, love… if we have faith, nothing can get us down!

So our investigator Sofia is really progressing. We taught her Plan of Salvation, and she read the pamphlets we left her, and the chapter in the Book of Mormon, AND the Gospel Principles book. Wow. We were pretty impressed. As well as another investigator Nohelia came with her husband Pedro this past Sunday to church, she is reading the Book of Mormon as well, and already knows that it’s true. BOOM. The gospel is true.
This past week Sister Chi (from Belize) went home, so we celebrated and I made her a cake. (We were going to make cookies, but brown sugar apparently doesn’t actually exist here… neither does baking soda) but we slept over at their house (we just put the two bunkbeds together and slept 6) we also roasted marshmallows over a candle, and then ate the with Chikys (they are cookies with one side of chocolate… when it doubt google it out) so that was pretty amazing. We ate that with Pengüinos (like Ho-hos) and Coke…. all that sugar and I was the first to go to sleep. But it was pretty fun.
My converts Diego and Teresa came by and visited me and the Hermana Quezada this Wednesday, that was pretty amazing. As well as a member from Jinotepe brought us dinner. (He never invited us to dinner when he was there, and now he´s brought us chicken (really expensive) a few times now. Go figure.) Anyways, pretty awesome.

Wonder of Wonders!

Wow, the missionaries are made happy pretty darn quick I tell you! We had found an investigator in this last week, but we really didn’t put very much attention to her. (can you tell I’m translating from Spanish?) Anyways, we didn’t have time Sunday in the morning to pass by her house to bring her to church, because we spent a lot of time with another investigator a little more positive.. AND SHE JUST SHOWED UP! Like… by herself! We haven’t even taught her anything! Only invited her to church, invited her to ask God if she needs to be baptised, and boom! Came to church all by herself. Sofia (the investigator) had a thousand questions (understandably) like, what is the Book of Mormon, why are we talking about other prophets, and just the little stuff like that. But she wants to know more! Usually the people are great to let us in and to hear our message, but this is almost worst because it’s hard to pick out those who are just going to listen, and those who are REALLY going to act on the message that we bring. Now we know that she actually wants to know! Wonderful.

It’s so hard, this wonderful message we bring, and how quickly the people can shut their ears. Even just mention the name of Joseph Smith, and the door is slammed in our face. They think they already know, but the truth is that they don’t know anything! “No me gusta los mormones!” Honey, you don’t even KNOW THE MORMONS! They hear the gossip from all the other churches and pastores that have nasty habits of talking bad about everybody else, and they have already made their decision. So many times investigators say that they going to church here, because we DON’T EVER talk bad about other churches. I just love the gospel.
Anyways. We have interviews this week, they went good. President Russell explained to me how the last days will go if I don’t do my best work right now. So, pretty dang glad I’m working my hardest. I understand why he explained it though, a lot of people getting sent home for disobedience. Which just sounds terrible, because not only is that going to haunt you for the rest of your life here on earth, but as well as the life to come. What we do while wearing the badge of the Lord is very serious. I’m glad repentance is a thing, but I really don’t want to have to carry THAT cross. So I’m staying pretty dang obedient over here.

Give Joseph Smith a break!

I love this talk! I sent it to a few good friends of mine a couple of weeks ago. Strange thing la gente. Yesterday a woman was saying how she hated the church because *in whispered voice* Jose Smith died in a jail…. well yeah. But she made it seem like a crime… Well, it was a false crime. Jesus as well died as a criminal. Even though he hadn’t done anything either. He was cursed, and called the prince of the demons… still doesn’t make it the truth. But she refused to even listen to us, because somebody had shown her a news article of the death of Joseph Smith. Which I doubt is true, because it was in Spanish… why would they have the newspaper in Spanish? But the plain and precious truth is, WE DON’T BELIEVE IN JOSEPH SMITH! What an awesome man, what a wonderful prophet, but the RESTORED GOSPEL reaches much above and beyond him. And we cannot deny these truths.

Stepping off my latina soap box. This Nica’s out! PEACE!

I’m 20 and not married…que pena…

So this week has been an adventure… We started working in a new neighborhood that we haven´t really ever gone to, because it´s really far away. But a few people told us that there was a ¨short cut¨ from a neighborhood a little closer. After crawling under a barbed wire fence we started down mountainside (after getting lost a few times, because the path isn´t well marked) crossing a river, and CLIMBING up the next side. Pretty exciting, but wouldn’t  recommend it in a skirt…
We are having a hard time finding positive people here in Diriamaba, but we keep trecking along. This week a cute little old lady (mother of an investigator) gave us two tortillas, super random. But more random, is that before giving them to us, just walks over to the near by Bannana tree, rips off a big part of the leaf, and wraps up the tortillas for us, telling us to save them to eat with our dinner…. I just love it here!
Everybody always asks if we´re married or have kids, and I´m so used to responding ¨No, I´m only 20¨, and this one lady answered ¨When I was 20 I had just had my fifth child!¨ so… I guess I´m pretty behind in the game here…
Anyways. Everything is doing good, finishing up the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Reading about the Jaredites, and I just felt so sad for them. They literally just killed themselves off. So terrible. For their pride, for their wickedness… And poor Moroni who´s writing all this down, and seeing the same cycle happening with his people. So terrible. And we see it happening in the world today! so terrible. But, that´s why we just need our eyes on the Lord, and on the Prophet. We can have more happiness! We just need to do what is right, and follow those guideposts and guidebook to ¨How to have happiness¨ AKA the scriptures. Keep on doing what you know to be true!
Welll… Visiting teaching is a thing… but half the members are too lazy,.. or ¨busy¨¨ but it’s just because they don’t want to do it. It´s hard without cars and stuff, and they say they don’t have the money to spend on Moto taxis… even though It’s only like 10 cordobas, but they just find dumb excuses. Nicaragüense are good with their words, but never carry through with their actions… so hard…

a fit bit would be so cool. To see how much we really walk every day… it would be crazy…
Ana Maria is doing alright, just got a job… but works on Sunday,… grrrr…. HAVE FAITH! It’s  so hard watching people make the wrong decisions!

How to Study like a Man!

So… where to start… this week has been. A growing experience! Not gonna say I’m not glad that it’s overOne thing I really loved about this week though, was that we went to the “New Missionary Training Meeting” for the Hermana Chacon. And President gave a talk (the same talk he gives every new training meeting) about the bumble bee. But, it just struck me again. Literally the Bumble bee “can’t fly.” It’s wings, body shape, legs, everything points to the fact that IT CAN’T FLY. But, it does. It does fly, even though it shouldn’t be able to. Leaving all of us amazed. And that is how it is. Sometimes, we think we can’t. We shouldn’t be able to. Everybody tells us that we can’t… but we just do. Because with the Lord, nothing is impossible. The Bumble bee has work to do. It’s not gonna stop just because we can’t explain it.

So yeah. Really liked that this week. Kinda feel like a bumble bee, a lot. I don’t know how I keep going, but somehow I just do. I feel like my legs can’t take one more step, and then I’ve already walked another mile. Pretty amazing what the Lord does with us!
So Chaconsita and I have perfected the way to study… like a man. Add a mustache… and BOOM. Perfect studying powers. Ok, maybe we get a little easily distracted over here, but definently love being with Hermana Chacon. So glad to have another change with her! (a change with 7 weeks too) So I’m pretty dang happy. God is gracious, he knew this area was gonna take it’s toll on me, so he gave me my favorite companions while I’ve been here.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEB! Random side note, Hermana Chacon’s mom, is a year younger than Kaleb… who is my brother. Super weird!
Well, the houses are small, and the clothes washing thing… idk what to call it in English. But it’s outside, and usually they’re always washing clothes… daily chore. So we just ask if we can help, and then we do!

Well… we were late to church, and this old man needed to put his shoes on, but is sick and old and can’t bend over, and one of his shoes wasn’t going on. So I put it on. we only had 3 people in church sunday… I felt terrible. Yara, Zayda and Sergio. Zayda is a new investigator, Yara is old-ish, but doesn’t look good for a baptism, because is expecting her baby any day now. And Sergio won’t commit to be baptized.
Everything at home sounds awesome! Ali said she was helping at the temple open house, . Random info:  A few transvestites here (wear girl clothes) one is a less-active, but he/she told us that when he goes to church he goes as a guy…. just to complicate your life? Who knows…