So, we invented the coolest game this week. It was called “We left the keys in the house and there isn’t a spare, and Hna. Lord is paranoid so she locks all doors and windows always” yep. Pretty great. we ended up finding a wire, and fishing it through the crack in the window, so that we could pull down the lever to unlock it… we felt like we were playing a video game. It took us about an hour to figure it out, but we “leveled up!” just kidding. But it was actually pretty great.

Doing anything with Hermana Mendez is pretty great. She is very chill and loving and wonderful.   We had tons of miracles this week. First off, Janeth and Jenifer were baptized! Hurray! Hazel couldn’t, so she`ll be getting baptized this week though! Pretty exciting. Another investigator Offields is progressing really well. He reads the Book of Mormon like crazy, and this last week he told us “Sisters, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I can`t go to church this Sunday. The good news is that I know that I`m going to get baptized.” basically blew us out of the water!

Also, while we were walking around, looking for new investigators, these three little kids run up to us, and say “My mom was baptized in your church, and we want to be baptized too!” It was pretty great. Only two are only than 8, but it was an awesome moment. So we`re doing pretty good here.
So, there hasn`t been water in all of Diriomo for about two days now. So we got the best gift this morning… a bucket full of water! Just a little one, but enough to flush the toilet, and take a little shower. It`s so hot here, so you`re just sweaty all the time… and then not showering for two days? It`s the worst! So, God`s taking care of us!

Keep the faith! I love you all! Hasta ver!

Below are pictures of our bedroom.  I am on the bottom bunk.  When I get home and have carpet in my bedroom I am going to roll around on it and sleep on it!



Does cebada exist in the states? Because I love it… so I need to know if I should bring a big bag home or not!

So this week has been a good week of adventures. It started with killing a mouse… again. But this time the Landlady wasn’t home, and I was washing my hands when BOOM. The mouse fell from the heavens. I chased it around the counter, and ended up just spraying it down with Permethrin (crazy bug killing spray… that will burn your skin if touched…) and the Hermana Mendez hears me screaming, so she comes running in with the broom and WACK. Makes a huge hole in our sink.. and missed the mouse… so… we’re gonna have to pay for that… (and the toilet that she tripped and fell and broke the lid. so… anyways. I ended up getting it outside and killing in with the broom… I`vè learned so many valuable things here on the mission!
Anyways. Tracting has been fun this week, we`ve been getting further and further out of the city… and it reminds me so much of good winter fun. Because the dust out here is just like snow. You never know when you might just step in, up to your knees in dust or dirt… pretty great.
So, pretty sad weekend, but also awesome. Sad, because our wedding and baptism fell, Karla and Julio didn`t feel ready to complete with God and keep the law of chastity… BUT the good news is WE HAD A WHOLE CAKE TO OURSELVES! WAHOO! yeah. But this weekend we have three baptisms, Hazel, her cousin Janeth, and her daughter (of Janeth) Jenifer. WAHOO!
Super weird, we got our changes calls today, and I don`t have changes! But Hermana Lopez is going. So just me and Hermana Mendez are going to stay! wahoo!
Everything is going smoothly. Always looking to find more people, but working hard!

Alma 8:19

“Will ye give to an humble servant of God something to eat?” -Alma 8:19

Pretty great story. Last night, at about 7, we were almost done with our plans for the day, and wandering with great hunger. When we remember Hermana Maria. Maria has 12 kids, ranging from 35 to 7. She was recently baptized, about 2 years ago, but all of her children were baptized the minute they were 8 years old. The Missionaries had found this family about 12 years ago, and the older siblings have always helped the younger siblings, and so on. But lately the missionaries don’t pass by. (when they changed from Elders to Sister, the Sisters stopped passing by) Anyways. She had told us before, that if we were ever hungry, and she had the means (money or food) that we were welcome to dinner. So we stopped by. And after an awkward pause (we weren’t really sure how to ask) Sister Mendez just blurts out “Do you have any food?” After a good laugh she made us AMAZING scrambled eggs with some ham and beans. Best. Dinner. Ever. Later Sister Lopez breaks out this great scripture in Alma 8:19, which we shall be using from now on whenever we get hungry.

Sister Maria is awesome. I don’t know if I´ve ever mentioned, but Diriomo is the city of witches (Not a big deal. Just certain houses and streets that we can´t tract.) And so I mentioned this to her. And she just laughs. Then she says “Do you want to know why it took me so long to get baptized?” Anyways. She started to explain that she was a school teacher, but belonged to a political party, and when that party lost office, they fired all of the school teachers of this party (other countries take politics to more extremes) and so she couldn´t find a job. At this time she was a single mother, with about 5 children. Anyways, so she was in desperate need of money, just to buy food for her kids. When she found some Tarrot cards, and started reading… ANYWAYS. Way crazy! She said she made a lot of money reading cards for people. She said “I didn´t know if it was from God or from the Devil, but all I knew is that it gave my children food.” So crazy (The best part is that she looks the part… a little squat, missing a tooth, frizzy hair) anyways. She said she had only shared her story with very few missionaries, and that we were lucky enough to hear it. But after awhile, she gave up the cards (she said that her children buried the cards in the back yard, like the anti-nephi-lehis buried their weapons of war) and was baptized. Super cool. I´ll try to get a picture. Her kids are awesome too, they basically make up all of the Young Women’s class by themselves. She re married a long time ago, and he´s still not a member, even though all of his kids and wife are.
Anyways. So this week we had a capacitation for the sisters… basically just going over the rules of dress again, and also making us be bolder… and helping us do “El Show” (basically, acting devestated when the investigators don´t complete with their commitments.) Also the Zone Leaders came and worked with us this week. It went pretty well, I don´t feel like we did our best (especially because their right there, judging our work) and it was kinda awkward walking around in a pair of 5 (tracting was weird… attacking the poor people with 5 missionaries.) but it went well.
This week we had a lot more success! More investigators going to church, progressing, completeing with their commitments. Although one lady had supposedly gone to New York (I can´t believe they can´t come up with better lies than that) another Young Woman told us that she knew the Book of Mormon is true! WIN! Haysel (Hazel) is awesome. She is so excited to be baptized the 23 of April. And for this weekend Karla and Julio and gonna get married, and be baptized! We are so excited for them. We didn´t know if it was really going to happen, because Julio had to work this past Sunday, but he suprised us by staying home and being ready to go to church when we passed by for Karla. WIN! So we´re really really excited for them!

Anyways. Love you all! Enjoy these pictures from when we worked with the District Leader!
Hermana Lord


So this week was alright. We felt more confident than ever to bring investigators to church, to help them progress, but at the last minute all of them flaked. So frustrating, but here we start over again! Gotta start with a good positive outlook!

We killed a rat in our apartment this weekend. With a broom. Hermana Lopez and Hermana Mendez just stood on the bed screaming while the landlady and I ran around the room like crazies trying to trap the little thing. It was actually really funny.
My camera died this week, and the Hermana Quezada has my charger, so we`ll see when I`ll get all the pictures to you guys.
We found this awesome family yesterday, they have this cute ranch that they run all by themselves… which is actually a huge accomplishement. The parents are Morales (Carlos… but they call him Morales) and Elizabeth, with their 3 little boys Carlos (7) Adrian (3) and Jose Luis (1) They are awesome. We`re really excited to start working with them!
Here`s looking up! We`re going to do so good here in Diriomo!
Here is a picture of Sofia’s Baptism.  So Awesome!