RE-Living Conference

So this week has been a good one, one that is kind of blurry. I´ve been walking aroud with a slight cold and headache all week, but nothing too bad. My companion has it worse, the found out she has a parasite, and so she has been throwing up all week. It´s been hard, but she´s a fighter and just keeps working through it. Shes pretty amazing.
Good thing was that CARLOS WAS BAPTIZED! He was so excited, and during third hour on Sunday he recieved the priesthood, and is going to pass the sacrement the next week! Hurray! The baptism was hard, nobody showed up and it started to rain… and our font is outside… we had to call our zone leaders from  Masaya (about 30 min away) who came running in a taxi (which is so much more expensive than by bus) but they got there to be the witnesses and everything went well. Carlos is amazing!
Kathy didn´t come to church this last weekend, but her little brother Michell did go, and he´s way cool. From what we´ve heard Eric really isn´t interested, but if we can just get him to agree to be married Kathy would get baptized. So we´re just working with them pretty hard.
We had a multi-zone in this week, were we learned even more about working with members. It was good, We´ve been doing some family nights with Offields and his neighbors, it seems to really be good. We watched “Finding Faith in Christ” and we left after the movie, and they told us that they liked it so much they watched it a second time! So we are going to see what we can do with them to animate them more!
We also got the latest GC talks in our multi-zone, so we´ve been reading those. Man, they always make me cry. And I ESPECIALLY love the Priesthood session. It´s pretty great! Man, I just love being guided by living Prophets of the Lord! It´s just wonderful.dsc06735

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