So, I got my package this week! Thank you Carpenter family! You definently did us good, and we ate those two bags of Goldfish in about a day. Exactly what the doctor ordered!

So this week was a little hard, looking for new investigators. But we´re making it work, trying to find some former investigators to work with. And this last week we had changes….. AND NOTHING CHANGED! That´s right folks, still in our little Diriomo, with my amazing companion Hna. Mendez. Going on round three! We feel a little overwhelmed about it, but it´s alright. We’re making the best!
Solimar and Daniel are progressing. Daniel is reading the BOM always, but Solimar still isn´t keeping that commitment. So that´s pretty hard. As well as they didn´t go to church this last weekend, so that´s always a bummer. But we´re working with another family that was a former investigator, named Eric and Kathy. And Kathy went to church, which is a MIRICLE! Because all Sunday it was raining and raining. And when it rains here, the whole world stops. Like they´re going to DIE if they get even a little wet. And she lived the farthest away! (which can get dangerous when it rains, because there are like rivers in the streets… which we have to jump. And if it rains so hard, you can´t jump them.) Anyways, blessings!
This weekend Sharon´s little brother Carlos is getting baptized. So keep him in your prayers!
Pictures just of my birthday stuff, and just to give you guys an idea… this is what our tracting areas look like… Oh, and a picture of Sharon´s baptism! wahoo!

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