Go big or go home!

So, at the begining of my mission, I told you all about the BBQ. The zone that baptises the most in a month with 5 weeks gets to have a BBQ at President`s house. And guess what

WE WON!!!!!  Our little band of 12 missionaries, we won! Wow. So awesome!

So this week was HARD! We found a ton of new people… and the next time we went back with them, they all had excuses of why they couldn`t meet with us. They decided to be Catholic again. It wasn`t their time… I don`t know. A bunch of hard stuff. But that`s alright, because we`re ready to work like crazy!
This past week was Hernandez`s birthday, so we ate at a members house for dinner, and worked with the Elders (not for her birthday, but just for divisions). We also found this awesome tree that is completly burnt. It was pretty awesome.
So, we are preparing for the baptism of Josefa, and maybe her son Rey. We are so excited for them! She is awesome, and the good part is that she is already good friends with a lot of the sisters in Relief Society! So we`re pretty stolked for that!
I love you all! I`m excited to see you all soon!


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