Leaving it all on the field.

Really fighting through the trunky this week! It´s kinda hard when we have spent more time than usual at home, Hermana Mendez is still pretty sick. At the start of this last week she had gotten a lot better, until about Thursday, when she took a turn for the worst. At about 4 pm she was throwing up in the street and almost passed out. We got her home, and I went out and worked with a member for a little bit. Then about at 9 pm the nurse called us and told us that we should go to the hospital, in Managua (about 45 min away) LUCKILY we have some rich members in the branch who is an RM and has a car, so she drove us to the hospital. We went to the ER where they did a bunch of tests, and at about 2 am they told us… well, that all the tests came out negative… that she didn´t have anything. We were pretty upset, obviously she had SOMETHING because she kept throwing up, and she was very dizzy. The only way we were going to get home was in Taxi, and so the hospital didn´t let us leave until the morning. And so we spent ALL NIGHT in the ER. It was terrible. We got home and just slept.

But the good news is that Hermana Mendez is feeling better lately, again. So we just hope that she doesn´t over due it again, and it´s all uphill from here!
Michell is really positive, and his baptism is this weekend! We are pretty excited. Eric is showing a lot more interest, but says he´s still too “young” to get married (even though he already has a 4 year old son…) So we are trying to help him gain more of a testimony so that he can keep the commandment! Saturday they told us that they weren´t going to go to church, because they were going to go go the beach with her parents. We gave this HUGE lesson about keeping the Sabbath day holy. At the end their Mom called and they asked if they could go later, and she agreed. They went to church and it was awesome. That night they told us that there had been an accident in Rivas (the city near the ocean) and if they had left earlier, they would have gotten stuck in traffic for the same amount of time as church was. And wouldn´t have gotten there until later anyways. Kathy took that as a sign from God that she was supposed to go to church. It was pretty great!
Living it up here in Paradise! Love you all! Only 18 months to live it!

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