It`s been a long time, without you my friends, but I`ll tell you all about it when I see you again!

Well, here it is. The moment we`ve all been waiting for. And I don`t really want it to be here! I miss my family completely, and I miss real food (like toast? Somebody make me toast please!) But I`m going to miss the family I have made here. And more than anything, I can`t believe that my time has come. And I probably won`t believe it until I get on the plane!

I`ve actually been pretty sick these last few days, I spent all day yesterday in bed sleeping. Everybody (even the nurse) remind me I only have one week left, and how it`s so terrible I got sick at the finish line. I`ve made all my mission without getting sick like this! But hopefully it`s getting better and I`ll come home just fine! And endure to the end!
I thank my father in heaven for this AMAZING oportunity to be here in Nicaragua. To love the people. To preach the gospel. I would not change this experience for ANYTHING. It`s been hard and hot, and people can be rude. I`ve cried and begged that things could change. But I have gained so much FAITH and PATIENCE for the work. I have learned LOVE and CHARITY for the people and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the atoning power is REAL. I have seen it change the lives of a lot of people, and I have seen it change my own life a thousands times. I am a way better person than who I was at the begining, and I hope I can take what I`ve learned, and keep this relationship with God to become an even better person after.
I`m excited to come home, but I think my family is more excited! I`ll be just as excited when I see you all. But I am sure grateful for things like facebook and “whatsapp” to keep in touch with all the my family and friends here too!
Well… we`ll talk more next week. I love you all!
I`m gona miss this view
Josefa and Rey were baptized!
and Pres. Barrera left his keys in the office


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