One year older and wiser too!

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! But honestly, I don’t even feel 21! It`s so crazy! My birthday went rather well! A sister from the ward made us lunch, and the Elders brought a cake. I have pictures of it all… but the internet here is very slow, and my camera is almost dead, so they will have to wait! Offields also bought us these little tarts, and gave us some Cebada too. It was a good day, and I felt very loved! I also got your package! Wahoo! I loved it, I loved the EOS chapstick, the shoes, candy, EVERYTHING! Thank you so much!
Yeah, Teresa has been asking for your number all week Mom, she wanted to give it to her aunt to call you. She`s been working with us a ton. She`s a 21 year old girl, who wants to go on a mission once she`s done studying, so she`s been working with us a ton! It`s been pretty great!
Good news, SHARON WAS BAPTIZED! We are so happy! She had to hide it from her parents, because they happened to be visiting this week, and they don`t approve, but she came all by herself dragging her two little boys behind her. It was amazing!
We`re also working with a really neat family, their names are Daniel and Solimar. We taught the Book of Mormon, and knelt down and prayed with them. Daniel said he really wants to know if it is true or not, and really wants to keep praying! They are amazing, and we will be meeting with them tomorrow to talk about the Law of Chastity, because they aren`t married yet!
We had a zone activity today! It was fun, we played futbol (and I ended up spraining my ankle… minor) and act pizza and just talked about the mission. It was pretty great. Today is MOTHERS DAY here in Nicaragua, which is a holiday even bigger than Christmas… so things are pretty crazy around here!
I`m sorry Dad isn`t feeling well again. But I know he will recieve blessings from the Lord for all his hard work!
This week I am left with the saddess feeling, that I don`t want to leave my sweet little Nicaragua. The spirit I feel, the streets I walk, I`m starting to get homessick for it and I haven`t even left yet! I know I still have a ways to go, but I`m going to miss being a missionary so much! I just love it!
3 months to live it, and all of eternity to look back on it!

Not Trunky Yet!

So this week was awesome! Offields was baptized! He was the one who when we first met him, he told us all about how he needed to stop drinking, because his little girl had begged him to. So we set off to work. And not he even is talking about how we need to baptize his girlfriend so that they can get married in the temple! He is amazing! When he came up out of the water he took a deep breath, with his eyes closed. Like he was soaking it all in.

And other great news, we got to break in the pila (um… font?) that we cleaned last week! Wahoo! Took all morning filling it, and then the Elders had a ton of baptisms too, so we helped with theirs all day (because the groom was chickening out) so it was a good Saturday full of baptisms!
We`re also working with a lady named Sharon, she`s 19 and has two little boys (Emilio and Horacio) and she LOVES the church, but her parents are coming back this week from Costa Rica, and are firmly against her being baptized (you were born catholic, you must remain catholic!) But we went over there with the Zone leaders, and she was all smiles like “I`m getting baptized!” WAHOO! (and then it was really funny because her almost 2 year old son just saw Elder Castro and starts shouting “Papa!” and he was so happy. We asked her if he looked like the dad, and she said no, and that Horacio doesn`t even recognize the father)
So, today we went to Masaya to print pictures!!! (something we hardly ever get to do) So we went in style by carriage, and drank smoothies in this tree house table thing. It was amazing!
So that`s what`s going on! Love you all!

Interview TIME!

So this past week we had INTERVIEWS! Which are always more anticipated than what actually happens. He basically just asked me when I needed to be home, I explained about me going home early to go to school, and he was fine about it.

Offields is progressing like a pro! He passed his baptism interview with flying colors. “Do you believe in Joseph Smith?”
“Yes, he saw a pilar of light, exactly over his head, above the brightness of the sun, which decended gradually until it fell upon him…”
“Thanks Offields, I know.”
What a cool guy. He is very excited for his baptism this Saturday! Which… WE FINALLY HAVE A BAPTISIMAL FONT! For those who don`t know, we`ve been traveling to Masaya (about 40 min in bus… 10 corbs each person) and we really didn`t have the money any more… and since we went out there, we had NO branch support… so we found this little pila, and we cleaned it all up! We had some help from the ward mission leader, the branch secretary, the primary president and the young mens president. It was pretty great.
So this week… we had something VERY interesting happen… and old lady tried to eat us!
No not really. But we contacted this house, and there was this VERY old lady there (without any teeth) and when my companion tried to shake her hand, she pulled her into a GREAT BIG HUG and started knawing on her neck! Laughing and hugging and kissing and knawing. And then she grabs me, and starts hugging and kissing and knawing on me! She started talking about how we are all brothers and sisters, and she just loves everybody. And she would just keep touching our faces, and then grabbing us and biting us again. Saying she was just gonna eat us all up. We were just laughing about it. Then her son was very rude and wanted to contend with us about “in which name should we be baptized” so we just left. But when we tried to leave, she told us we weren’t allowed to, and that she was going to find us husbands so that we NEVER EVER LEAVE! It was pretty funny. And she was a very VERY strong old lady!
So, our land lady has just bought my new best friend… I`ve named him “BABE”. And I love it! It`s adorable. I really really love him. So here is a picture.
Also, the Nicaraguan flower! (I had to climb a small tree to take this picture… so I`m sorry if it`s not very good)
I love you all! Keep on working! See you soon!

Winter has come

So in this week, winter officially came! I sent a video of the rain, this was happening during our weekly training. Pretty great.

So this week we played another really cool game of hide and seek! Just kidding, but it was really funny, we had found this family out in the middle of nowhere, and so when we went back to teach more, they weren`t there. So we went back a different day, and as we`re walking to the house, we see this mom and kids walking through the brush on the other side. And the minute she saw us, she just hit the deck… like, full on. And her kids kept walking, her little girl looking at her like she was the craziest lady in the world. But yeah. So we ended up just taking pictures with her cows, and scratching her off our list.
The people here are very loving, and very quick to let you into their house and listen to you… but that`s about it. To have to act, go to church, pray, anything, they have a very hard time keeping those commitments. So that`s been a hard battle.. always. But we had some new people in church this week, so wahoo! progressing!
But what WAS a fun game, was teaching The Plan of Salvation to an 8 year old and a 9 year old. These two kids of less actives, Tatiana and Joel (and also all the other little siblings) have been having a hard time staying focused in the lessons. So we ended up making pictures in the dirt in their yard, to help them understand all the steps of the plan of salvation. It really helped them pay attention and get into what we were trying to teach. I feel like it went rather well.
Talking to you all was amazing yesterday, and now I feel like I don`t have much to say. I love you all!
(Here are pictures of those children, we gave them our last moustaches, pictures with the cow, and the 150 year old house, and the family that lives there.) (Slide show)

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The May POLE…

So, first off, as a zone we’re asking family to send in their testimonies about times you have been blessed for keeping a commandment. We always love using personal experiences to really help the people understand that THE GOSPEL WORKS!

So, we felt like this week just dragged by. But looking back I hardly remember anything that happened! Hazel was all ready to get baptized, and when the day came around, she started lying and making up excuses, and all of her family came out and yelled at us, and making up lies about who knows what. We felt terrible! 2 and a half hours later we left feeling so terrible. So we took some selfies to cheer us up. Then we went about our way, visiting other investigators. But everybody seemed to have excuses to not listen to us, to not be keeping commitments. So we stayed in the area  a little too late, and it got really dark (because there are not any street lamps, or houses) so we were running in the dark, trying to get to an area where Taxi´s pass by (it wasn´t that late Mom, only like 6:30) when this pick up truck pulls up next to us. We were thinking, oh man, could this day get any worse. But tender mercies of the Lord, it was some members who gave us a lift back to the city. It was great, we ended up laughing at the end of the day, and the Elders bought us ice-cream to make us feel better.
Also, this last week had a “training meeting” for Sister Mendez… even though she is out of her training. It was pretty funny, we just sat there off on the side, snickering at everything. I don’t know why, but we found everything pretty funny. Sister Russell (wife of the president) always gives a talk about how we need to teach our companions English, or help them with their Spanish. Because two languages are better than one… so we decided 3 languages are better than 2, and we might start studying some Chinese.
We did pretty good for the water this week! Wahoo!

Pretty ready for 1st world problems, and just to not be dirty all the time! I’m not too trunky… but getting there! I’m in for the home stretch, three and a half months left! AHH! Gotta give it my all!
You guys aren´t going to recognize me when I get home. My hair is so long, and I´ve lost 23 lbs since I´ve left home!
Dad gave me a new philosophy, I absolutely love it. I talk to new people every day, try new tactics, try new words, and it’s scary, and sometimes people make fun… But then you just get over it and it´s all ok. I love it! I hope I can keep this confidence after the mission!
I need help with bad behaving people!
 D & C 105:14 For behold, I do not require at their hands to fight the battles of Zion; for, as I said in a former commandment, even so will I fulfil—I will fight your battles.
I love this scripture, that God is there at our side. And he will fight our battles!

Hermana Lord

1. Our sad selfies,
2.  We’re happy now! All is well
3. A little nature scene.  We walk this path about everyday. It helps us get places.
4. The Nicaragua National bird…. so cool up close! We didn[t have much time to take pictures, but it was awesome.  I can’t even begin to spell it’s name.
5. A squirrel someone caught.