So yeah, we got to watch the lunar eclipse last night… but we happened to be in the darkest area of our zone… walking to a members house… at 8 at night. Pretty spooky but fun! Really pretty. My companion was freaking out a bit.

Other news, Congrats Rachel! How awesome that you find your father! My favorite part is that you´ve always been part of his family, and you didn´t even know! You made me cry (with joy) about how beautiful life is and junk… I don´t know, but that is a really awesome opportunity!
As for here, all is well. Haymie and Abel recieved the Holy Ghost, Alan got babtised and confirmed.
I got to listen to the Womens conference (and super good that one of the daughters of Teresa who doesn´t want anything with religion came too!) and I loved it! I loved Pres. Uchtdorf´s talk about eternal perspective. How we can be happy right now, with the knowledge that one day our situation will be better. I don´t know, definently helped me realize, that every moment I have here, is a new moment to remember. The good, the bad. I´m only here for 18 months whether I´m missing home or not. I still am going to have bad and good moments whether I want to remember them or not. And I do, I want to remember every moment. I´m pretty sad I don´t have a camera with me at all moments to video everything I do. To remember it! How amazing! I´m living in Nicaragua! I´m surviving the heat, the drunks, the haters. I´m not just surviving I´m thriving!
idk… I love it!
So exciting! This Conference with three new Apostles! How exciting! We get Sunday morning sessions “for free” but the other three sessions we have to bring 4 or more investgators… eeck! So yeah. I´ll be wanting this session in the Ensign as well!
So we went and ate at the house of Teresa and Diego yesterday. And they served us Yuca (it´s… like a potato… and squash… and… better yet, look it up!) with tomatos and…. pig skins? Remember those “chips” That you and Dad like? Yeah… it´s just that… and apparently it´s like a famous dish here. So that was pretty good…
Just a Scripture and I´m off. Been studying the Bible a lot, and I love it! Never really paid much attention to the Bible before, but it´s pretty great.
For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you inthe spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ. –Colossians 2:5
I love you all! 
1. The mom of Alan and his Grandma and the bishop (who babtized him)
2. Alan and two of the girls the Elders babtized

Ice Cream Miracles


So this week has been a little rough… we had a babtism! YAY! Two of the children of Teresa and Deigo got babtized! Abel and Haymie. Everybody was pretty dang excited… and pretty stressed out. Because the ward mission leader told everybody that it got canceled.. but it wasn´t. So the people to give talks didn´t show up, and the person who was supposed to babtize them didn´t come either. But luckily there was a seminary class, so we found Luis, this super awesome priest (who was super nervous) to babtize them. So the babtism part turned out good… but they didn´t get confirmed… because there was miscommunication with the Bishop. 

He wouldn´t let them get babtized because one thing on the register wasn´t filled out. One thing that isn´t necassary, but I guess he thought it was pretty important. So now Teresa and Diego are pretty unanimated, as well as Abel and Haymie. At the church all ready to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. And they are still a little confused on why it didn´t happen. But hopefully we can animate them for this next Sunday, and we are all prepared for our… very particular… Bishop. (And the truth is, this isn´t even in his area. He isn´t in charge until after they´re members… but I´m trying to have so much love for this man…) 

ANYWAYS! So this Saturday we have a babtism! (and Sunday we´ll have three confirmations!) His name is Alan. He is a son of some inactives, and is so dang excited for this Saturday!

And this is when we talk about the hand of the Lord. Like one month and a half ago, me and Hermana Quezada were leaving a members house when they gave us helados (home-maid frozen milk and fruit in a bag… like ice-.cream!) but the fruit was nancite, which is a terrible fruit. I don´t understand why people eat it. But lots of people like it. So we were walking in the street, wondering what we should do with our little bags of frozen milk. When there were these two kids in the street. So we asked them if they wanted it, and gave it to them… And turns out one of those kids was Alan! We recieved him as a reference about three weeks ago. And the other one, we recieved as a reference about one week ago! His name is William. And we are pretty excited to work with him as well!

So the Lord works in mysterious ways.

As well as I contest to the power of the Holy Ghost. In this past week, during one of our daily planning sessions, we decided to visit a investigator who is never at home,  (and whom we are pratically planning on dropping any minute)  and so we planned as a plan b. (like if we have time) anyways. So our plan a fell through, but we didn´t really feel like going and visiting this investigator. Knowing that she is never at home. And we almost didn´t… but then we did. And she wasn´t home. But who WAS home was her sister in-law, and her brother. And we taught them, and they are very positive! The husband (Isaias) went to church this past Sunday, and hopefully they can both come this next Sunday as well! We are super excited to work more with Gisel and Isaias. We taught them the restauracion and they already feel pretty confident that Joseph Smith is a prophet. WOW!

So yeah. I don´t really have any more… SO FOTOS!

1. Babtism!  2. Proud parents (and the boy who babtised them) 3. our tiny little apartment.. (one room)   4. our alarm clock… every morning at 5 am folks…

I love you all!

DSC04086 DSC04090 DSC04107 DSC04111

This Little Piggy!

Another week is here! Hurray!

So this week was interesting. We worked a little with Fernando (our convert) with his friend Johnny, who went to church this past week! YES! So we´re excited that Johnny is progressing, and that Fernando can help him out with that, while he is growing his own testimony. And that my friends, is what we call two birds with one stone.
So, some interesting life changing moments. We were at this house, and they have this piglett. Who has a rope tied around it, and at the end of the rope a block of wood. So that the little thing can´t escape/run very fast/leave. And he got stuck around a pole. And the stupid little thing couldn´t backtrack. Because it thought it knew better. And how many of us are stupid little pigletts? We might be stuck, but just want to keep moving forwards. In our own knowledge. But all he needed to do, was to backtrack, only a couple of steps, and after would be able to be free. I don´t know. Food for thought.
Teresa and Diego are doing awesome. Hopefully we are going to babtize two of their children this weekend! Hurray! She is sharing all sorts of scriptures with us. About the Sabbath day, and how we have to go to church everyweek. She is very confident. We told her that we tell our families all about her and her family and she said “well good, now that they know me, tell them to send me chocolate!” She is very forward, but I love it. I really hope I don´t have changes this week, because this is my family here. Before the children all ran away from us (freaky mormons) but now that their parents are babtized and going to church every sunday, when we arrive everybody gathers in the room. We still can´t give the lesson to all of them (because they still run away) but little a little, they ask us questions about their concerns about the mormons. And it really just feels like my family. It´s wonderful!
We have a inactive who we are working with. She served a mission, only like 2 years ago, and her husband too. But they have both chosen to remove their garments and not go to church. It is so frustrating! Like “we´re going to see you in church this Sunday right?”  “no, I can´t go, because I have a doctors apointment this Sunday which I can´t lose” And I just wanna make her understand “YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH GOD THAT YOU CAN´T LOSE!” It´s so frustrating! Especially when I know she spent 18 months explaining to people why we need to keep the sabbath day holy, and how God is going to bless them… and now she can´t even keep the covenants she made herself. It is very frustrating, because it´s so sad! She knows what she needs to do, but still chooses not to do it.

Wow. Sorry for that mini rant. I love you all!
DSC04028 DSC04021
This is a mamon… they are amazing… but going out of season so I have to wait until the next season… sigh…DSC03980

This is my breakfast every day…. crackers!
and today was independance day here!

(insert lame subject here)

So, to start off my letter, I want to apologize. I´ve been a little sick these past three days, and so my mind is a little fried. Nothing big, just a head-cold. But ya´ll know how hard it is to think sometimes. But I´ll try my best.

So a really cool moment this week, we were at a “Noche de Hermanamiento” (… night of brotherhood? idk…) with one of our investigators, and Teresa was there as well with two of her kids. We were waiting for the meeting to start (because it always starts super late) and I asked Teresa where she was in her BOM, and if she had been reading. She said yes and showed me a scripture in Alma 7 about babtism. (Which I´m pretty sure a member had shared with her) and it explains why babtism and all that good stuff. So jokingly I told her to go and share it with our investigator Manuel, because he is pretty scared of babtism still. But it was super inspiring, as she marched right up to this kid (he´s like 23) and shared her simple testimony about babtism… not even three days after her own babtism. I love seeing as she is learning and growing in the church every day. He made a comment about how he had already been babtized, in the Catholic church, and not knowing how to respond she was like “alright I´m outta here” It was pretty funny, and very inspiring. She´s a wonderful mother, and is going to be an even better missionary with her children.
So I got the package today, Ensign of the last General Conference, and I absolutly love it. Thank you very much!
I don´t remember the talk, but one talk a really liked talked about the word “Saints”. But I really loved a quote that said “I´m not a saint. Unless a Saint is a sinner who keeps trying…” And that´s the truth. This week, in our endless search for new investigators, we have found a ton of teenage boys. Like every sinlge one is 17 years old. A perfect age of decisions. But here is the thing, the decisions that they are making aren’t very good ones. But a lot of them can’t see that what they’re doing right now is going to affect their lives. “I’ll stop drinking later… or after” they say. It’s pretty sad! But in one of the conversations (as we were explaining that they need to change their lifestyle… with love) They made the comment that we are all sinners. Which is so dang true. We are all sinners. But some of us are saints. Because “a Saint is a sinner who keeps trying” It´s different. If every day we are challenging ourselves to better ourselves. To change. To break bad habits. To become more like Christ. We are, for the moment, a
Saint. (Gospel according to Hermana Lord)
If we look at our Heros in the Book of Mormon, or the Bible, all the “Saints” of the scriptures have a past of “sinners”. Even Nephi calls himself “a wretched man”. FREAKING NEPHI!
So yeah. I love it. “a SAINT is a SINNER who keeps on TRYING”
As for what I ate for dinner. Yesterday was crazy. FasDSC03947t Sunday, and we finished our fast just before lunch. But I ate lunch, although I wasn´t feeling too great. Then we went to a recent converts house to talk to them, and… they decided to feed us too. Fish soup. Was actually pretty good…. and then we went to Fernandos house to teach (because that´s whats we do for recent converts) and they fed us too! Hot milk and bread. And every Sunday night is the only night we get dinner, but all of this happened yesterday! So then we went to dinner afterwards! I thought I was going to die. Because on top´of all of that I wasn´t feeling too great. So yeah, don´t think I´ll be hungry for another week or so. Crazy.
So I bought this shirt, and it makes me think of my wonderful family back at home… Phineas and Ferb pride going on here 😉
— going to go sleep now

Hermana Lord



So this week was pretty dang awesome.
Yes they did it. Diego and Teresa got married, and baptized! So happy. I`ll send more pictures of both of those in other attachments, but a few here. (and lots of pictures of our super happy faces) everything went well. We got a super cheap lawyer… which showed in his work. He spent 30 minutes giving “marriage advice” to them, like “if you want to live separately, it`s ok. The law can`t do anything” and “back in the old day the man had total control of his house, sadly it`s not like that these days…” but he married them and they were all set for baptism…
So the neDSC03919xt morning (Sunday) we set off bright and early. And they came! Wahoo! Like an hour late (about gave us a heart-attack) and Diego got baptized first, all nice and clean. But poor Teresita. She has a fear of water, and especially getting dunked under water. And because she was scared, it took 5 tries to actually get her covered. And even then I didn`t think she was all covered. But the Bishop said it was clear, so we went with it. Presiding authority! WAhoo!
So yeah. Thank you so much for all of your awesome prayers!
Also this weekend, we had a multi-mission with the folks from the North, and we listened to Pres. Nelson speak to us! It was so super awesome. He talked about not only working hard, but WORKING SMART. Using our resources. And more importantly, not wasting time on people who aren`t going to keep promises with us. Because they are never going to keep covenants with God…. WOW. That is so hard! If we left every person who wasn`t there on the first teaching appointment… we would have gone through every person in Nicaragua. But I loved hearing it. I always feel guilty leaving people, this is their salvation! It`s pretty dang serious! But the truth is, if they aren`t going to take it seriously, we need to find the people who will…