Sister Elders…or Elderas

Big news…. PANTS!

That`s why I`m writing late… PANTS!

As many of you probably know, Nicaragua has a HUGE problem with a lot of Mosquito illnesses. Chicanguña, Sica, Dengee, (spell check on ANY of those words) is spreading like wild fire. And sadly inlcuding to the missionaries too (man, spanish to english, it hurts my brain) so we`ve been told mosquito nets, permithrin, deet, EVERYTHING. and missionaries are still getting sick… especially the sisters….so… no presenting…. SISTER ELDERS! Complete with the mujerdocio…. jk about the Mujerdocio thing. (it means sisterhood) So we spent our ENTIRE p-day in Managua, getting our NEW PANTS! Custom fit and everything. I feel pretty Elder-y.
This last week was a good and rough one. We had a baptism so like -YAY- but also had a hard time finding new investigators -boo- Josefa and Rey said they believe in the Book of Mormon -YAY- but Sinia`s mom is getting ruder and ruder every time we go to their house -boo-. But that`s the mission for you!
Marvin was baptized! Everything went smoothly (once we found the dang boy) really though, I think he is the buziest boy in all of Nicaragua. 16 years old and already in College, as well as taking other classes on the side. Crazy. The good thing is that the Elders are baptizing a young lady this next Saturday, and well, at church they really seemed to hit it off…. really well. Left the church building together and everything. Bucket list item. Two converts falling in love! BOOM!
anyways. Sorry for writing late again. Nos vemos!


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