Hey home!

So yeah, this week seriously felt like a failure. Which is hilarious because WE GOT TWO BAPTISMS!

2 wonderful Baptisms!
2 wonderful Baptisms!


They were kinda scary, one was saturday night, and his Dad told us he was out drinking the night before. Luckily it wasnt true, and everything went as planned! it was great. Miguel Angel is like 26, and was pretty nervous before his babtism, but after he was way happy! It is so good!

The other was Jobanel, and the speaker for the babtism, and the person who was supposed to babtise him didnt show up! But we got it all covered. He is 15, and worked with the other missionaries before we even got here. About a two weeks ago, he came and talked to us and said he wanted to be babtised! It is really super great!

Other than that most of our other investigators have decided that they dont want salvacion. Why anybody would make that decision who knows. For reals though, just not the right time in their lives. It is hard to walk away from their houses, knowing they can have more in their lives.

We had two investigators at Miguel Angels babtism, and they responded really well! So we are pretty happy to meet with them again and see how they felt.

Lots of missionary work! Wahoo!

Either it has been getting colder, or my body is changing to the heat. It doesnt feel quite as bad. And Ive gotten pretty used to sweating all the time!

The weeks are going by so dang fast! The days are weeks and the weeks are days, but Im doing wonderfully!

Thanks for all the support!

— Love

Hermana Lord


The Hermana with the hot farmers tan


Everything is going super swell!  Not much to talk about. I finished D&C and the pearl of great price last week. (I had finished the book of Mormon in the MTC) So now all I have is the Bible and I’m all set!
It’s pretty fun here. We’ve had a bunch of lessons where our investigators are making shoes! It’s pretty fun to watch that process.
The food is pretty good still, Isabell (the lady that makes us lunch) usually makes a ton of rice, with some boiled starch, and chicken or something. And lots of Coca-cola. I’m way addicted to it already!
My regular day is get up at 6:30, do some stretches, try to wake up! It’s so hard because it’s so hot. Study, eat lunch, then off to work! We do a lot of work with Recent Converts/Less actives, which are usually the same group of people. And also we have a ton of investigators, but the problem is we go through them pretty fast.
I’ve taught lots of discussions here. We always have somebody to teach, so it’s pretty hard to get all of our contacting in. But as I’ve been gaining confidence with my Spanish, I share more in the lessons! It’s been really fun.
Some tender mercies, a couple weeks ago I was super duper missing home. We were reading the Book of Mormon with these two kids (recent convert/ less active) and after they wanted to sing their favorite hymn. Which happened to be… wait for it… IN OUR LOVELY DESERET! They sang it by heart in Spanish, and I sang it in English. And we sang it at the top of our lungs. Just the way that hymn should be sang. And I almost burst into tears thinking about home. But it was a good thing. A little bit of home in Nicaragua.
 My ankle that I sprained is doing better.  The bruising went away Thursday, and the swelling is way down today! So that’s really good.
I’m super duper sad to hear about Carol Rouse passing away. I loved her lots.
I can’t believe it snowed! Mom asked if I wish it would snow for even 1 hour in Nicaragua and I say I would hate the snow here! It would be way too cold. My body is adjusting to the heat just fine. I just have to get used to being sweaty… always… everywhere. But I’m used to it!
How exciting that Mom and Dad are going to go tend Kaleb and Laura’s kids while they go to Dominican Republic on vacation.  Send me lots of pictures of the kids and stuff. I’m excited to hear about Kaleb’s adventure too, because I’m sure Dominican is way similar to here. So Kaleb send me a letter and lots of pictures.
I can print off letters  but it costs more. So I really don’t want to do it with every letter. But every now and then I might! (When I figure out how to ask in Spanish)
I’m doing alright. Spend a lot of time dreaming about when I go home, but it used to be me wanting to go home right now!  But now I want to be here for this time. Just not forever 😉
That’s all today!

Nicaragua Welcomes me!

This week was super duper crazy! I wrote down a bunch of key things to remember to write in my letter. but I left that at home!

Our investigators are being wimps this week though. A lot of doubts are coming out, but that’s so good because now we know exactly what they need and how to help them!

Since my trainer is the Sister training leader, we have to go on divisions often, so on Wednesday I was out with Hermana Hernandez. And I did something, that is totally like me, I sprained my ankle! Hurray! It was actually super bad. I couldn’t walk on it at all. But I tried anyways. Anyways, and with the heat, and the pain, I passed out. Flat on my face. I gave Hermana Hernandez (and the investigators we were with) quite a scare. They called my trainer (Hermana Reyes) and the district leaders, and they took me home and ordered me to bed. They also gave me a blessing (in english, hallelujiah) and blessed me with health. And that this wouldn’t happen again. (the passing out thing kinda freaked everybody out) Anyways…. the next morning I had no pain, and I was out working! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! It’s so super crazy. It’s super swollen, and has a ton of purple bruising (like more than ever) but there is hardly any pain. So I just keep going. Hurray!

This is like my initiation to Nicaragua though. Definently not a place for weaklings. So many geico’s and mice and bugs. It’s crazy!

Sunday we had a ton of people willing to come to church with us, and wouldn’t you know it, they all happened to get sick on the same day! But, we collected a handful of children who were more than excited to learn about the gospel, so we brought them along. I love the children here, they are so funny and so ready for the gospel! The hard part is that… well their children! And the slightest thing can catch their attention. But I saw a recent convert pass the sacrament for the first time yesterday. We’ve been working with him for awhile, just keeping him on track, and it almost made me cry. I feel a responsibility for all of these people here in my area. I love it! But it’s also hard when I watch them recognize that this is the truth, but still turn it away.

We got to have a BBQ today at the Presidents house! My zone got the most babtisms last month! (go zzone!) anyways. Super cool. We watched Meet the Mormons in Spanish. Fun stuffIt’s about an hour away. And we it’s air conditioned, it’s like in the richest part that I’ve ever seen… so like our house 😉
Anyways. that is the most exciting thing I got for you this week. Passing out. Pretty crazy, the last time I passed out I woke up to people yelling at me in French, and this time it was all in Spanish! Yay! Pretty great.

Love you all!

President and Sister Peggy Russell welcomes Hermana Lord

April 3, 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Lord:

Hermana Kylie Diane Lord arrived safely in the Nicaragua Managua South Mission and was assigned to serve with Hermana Reyes, in the Granada area of our mission.  We are attaching a photograph of your missionary with us taken on arrival morning.

Hermana Lord has been given the following email address:kylie.lord@myldsmail.net .  Missionaries are only allowed to use their “myldsmail.net” email accounts on preparation days and their time on the computer is very limited.  Our preparation days are typically on Monday unless some unusual schedule requires a temporary shift to Tuesday.  This is the day when your missionary will write home and when they will read your uplifting and encouraging emails.  Please be careful not to share news that will cause your missionary undue worry or stress.  Write uplifting and praising emails to strengthen and encourage your missionary.  Share spiritual experiences or scripture study moments.  We have found that wonderful emails from home greatly help a missionary and that no letters from home can have devastating effects.  Please do not be the family who forgets to write to their missionary!

Should you desire to send your missionary a handwritten letter or a package, here is the Mission address:

Nicaragua Managua Sur Misión, De la Rotonda del Periodista, 150 vrs al Sur Ofiplaza Suite 725, Managua, Managua, Nicaragua.  We also have an AP Box where you may send letters or packages:  AP 3527, Managua, Nicaragua. Please be sure to write your missionary’s full name on their letter or package.

We have had the best experience with missionaries receiving boxes intact when sent by US Postal Service. Packages sent by other means (Fedex, UPS, DHL and others) often get stuck in customs. The missionary and the mission do not have the financial resources nor the available time to obtain the packages from customs and pay the extra fees.

We are committed to the spiritual and physical well-being of our missionaries. We will do all we can to provide inspired opportunities that increase your missionary’s testimony and help her to develop a deeper appreciation for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are very pleased and honored to have Hermana Lord as part of the Nicaragua Managua South Mission.  Thank you for all you have done to prepare and provide for your missionary.  We pray daily for the care and safety of our missionaries and their families.  We know Hermana Lord’s service will bring great blessings to your family.


Bryan G. Russell                                                                                                 Peggy Russell

Mission President