Interview TIME!

So this past week we had INTERVIEWS! Which are always more anticipated than what actually happens. He basically just asked me when I needed to be home, I explained about me going home early to go to school, and he was fine about it.

Offields is progressing like a pro! He passed his baptism interview with flying colors. “Do you believe in Joseph Smith?”
“Yes, he saw a pilar of light, exactly over his head, above the brightness of the sun, which decended gradually until it fell upon him…”
“Thanks Offields, I know.”
What a cool guy. He is very excited for his baptism this Saturday! Which… WE FINALLY HAVE A BAPTISIMAL FONT! For those who don`t know, we`ve been traveling to Masaya (about 40 min in bus… 10 corbs each person) and we really didn`t have the money any more… and since we went out there, we had NO branch support… so we found this little pila, and we cleaned it all up! We had some help from the ward mission leader, the branch secretary, the primary president and the young mens president. It was pretty great.
So this week… we had something VERY interesting happen… and old lady tried to eat us!
No not really. But we contacted this house, and there was this VERY old lady there (without any teeth) and when my companion tried to shake her hand, she pulled her into a GREAT BIG HUG and started knawing on her neck! Laughing and hugging and kissing and knawing. And then she grabs me, and starts hugging and kissing and knawing on me! She started talking about how we are all brothers and sisters, and she just loves everybody. And she would just keep touching our faces, and then grabbing us and biting us again. Saying she was just gonna eat us all up. We were just laughing about it. Then her son was very rude and wanted to contend with us about “in which name should we be baptized” so we just left. But when we tried to leave, she told us we weren’t allowed to, and that she was going to find us husbands so that we NEVER EVER LEAVE! It was pretty funny. And she was a very VERY strong old lady!
So, our land lady has just bought my new best friend… I`ve named him “BABE”. And I love it! It`s adorable. I really really love him. So here is a picture.
Also, the Nicaraguan flower! (I had to climb a small tree to take this picture… so I`m sorry if it`s not very good)
I love you all! Keep on working! See you soon!

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