Winter has come

So in this week, winter officially came! I sent a video of the rain, this was happening during our weekly training. Pretty great.

So this week we played another really cool game of hide and seek! Just kidding, but it was really funny, we had found this family out in the middle of nowhere, and so when we went back to teach more, they weren`t there. So we went back a different day, and as we`re walking to the house, we see this mom and kids walking through the brush on the other side. And the minute she saw us, she just hit the deck… like, full on. And her kids kept walking, her little girl looking at her like she was the craziest lady in the world. But yeah. So we ended up just taking pictures with her cows, and scratching her off our list.
The people here are very loving, and very quick to let you into their house and listen to you… but that`s about it. To have to act, go to church, pray, anything, they have a very hard time keeping those commitments. So that`s been a hard battle.. always. But we had some new people in church this week, so wahoo! progressing!
But what WAS a fun game, was teaching The Plan of Salvation to an 8 year old and a 9 year old. These two kids of less actives, Tatiana and Joel (and also all the other little siblings) have been having a hard time staying focused in the lessons. So we ended up making pictures in the dirt in their yard, to help them understand all the steps of the plan of salvation. It really helped them pay attention and get into what we were trying to teach. I feel like it went rather well.
Talking to you all was amazing yesterday, and now I feel like I don`t have much to say. I love you all!
(Here are pictures of those children, we gave them our last moustaches, pictures with the cow, and the 150 year old house, and the family that lives there.) (Slide show)

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