The May POLE…

So, first off, as a zone we’re asking family to send in their testimonies about times you have been blessed for keeping a commandment. We always love using personal experiences to really help the people understand that THE GOSPEL WORKS!

So, we felt like this week just dragged by. But looking back I hardly remember anything that happened! Hazel was all ready to get baptized, and when the day came around, she started lying and making up excuses, and all of her family came out and yelled at us, and making up lies about who knows what. We felt terrible! 2 and a half hours later we left feeling so terrible. So we took some selfies to cheer us up. Then we went about our way, visiting other investigators. But everybody seemed to have excuses to not listen to us, to not be keeping commitments. So we stayed in the area  a little too late, and it got really dark (because there are not any street lamps, or houses) so we were running in the dark, trying to get to an area where Taxi´s pass by (it wasn´t that late Mom, only like 6:30) when this pick up truck pulls up next to us. We were thinking, oh man, could this day get any worse. But tender mercies of the Lord, it was some members who gave us a lift back to the city. It was great, we ended up laughing at the end of the day, and the Elders bought us ice-cream to make us feel better.
Also, this last week had a “training meeting” for Sister Mendez… even though she is out of her training. It was pretty funny, we just sat there off on the side, snickering at everything. I don’t know why, but we found everything pretty funny. Sister Russell (wife of the president) always gives a talk about how we need to teach our companions English, or help them with their Spanish. Because two languages are better than one… so we decided 3 languages are better than 2, and we might start studying some Chinese.
We did pretty good for the water this week! Wahoo!

Pretty ready for 1st world problems, and just to not be dirty all the time! I’m not too trunky… but getting there! I’m in for the home stretch, three and a half months left! AHH! Gotta give it my all!
You guys aren´t going to recognize me when I get home. My hair is so long, and I´ve lost 23 lbs since I´ve left home!
Dad gave me a new philosophy, I absolutely love it. I talk to new people every day, try new tactics, try new words, and it’s scary, and sometimes people make fun… But then you just get over it and it´s all ok. I love it! I hope I can keep this confidence after the mission!
I need help with bad behaving people!
 D & C 105:14 For behold, I do not require at their hands to fight the battles of Zion; for, as I said in a former commandment, even so will I fulfil—I will fight your battles.
I love this scripture, that God is there at our side. And he will fight our battles!

Hermana Lord

1. Our sad selfies,
2.  We’re happy now! All is well
3. A little nature scene.  We walk this path about everyday. It helps us get places.
4. The Nicaragua National bird…. so cool up close! We didn[t have much time to take pictures, but it was awesome.  I can’t even begin to spell it’s name.
5. A squirrel someone caught.

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