So, we invented the coolest game this week. It was called “We left the keys in the house and there isn’t a spare, and Hna. Lord is paranoid so she locks all doors and windows always” yep. Pretty great. we ended up finding a wire, and fishing it through the crack in the window, so that we could pull down the lever to unlock it… we felt like we were playing a video game. It took us about an hour to figure it out, but we “leveled up!” just kidding. But it was actually pretty great.

Doing anything with Hermana Mendez is pretty great. She is very chill and loving and wonderful.   We had tons of miracles this week. First off, Janeth and Jenifer were baptized! Hurray! Hazel couldn’t, so she`ll be getting baptized this week though! Pretty exciting. Another investigator Offields is progressing really well. He reads the Book of Mormon like crazy, and this last week he told us “Sisters, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I can`t go to church this Sunday. The good news is that I know that I`m going to get baptized.” basically blew us out of the water!

Also, while we were walking around, looking for new investigators, these three little kids run up to us, and say “My mom was baptized in your church, and we want to be baptized too!” It was pretty great. Only two are only than 8, but it was an awesome moment. So we`re doing pretty good here.
So, there hasn`t been water in all of Diriomo for about two days now. So we got the best gift this morning… a bucket full of water! Just a little one, but enough to flush the toilet, and take a little shower. It`s so hot here, so you`re just sweaty all the time… and then not showering for two days? It`s the worst! So, God`s taking care of us!

Keep the faith! I love you all! Hasta ver!

Below are pictures of our bedroom.  I am on the bottom bunk.  When I get home and have carpet in my bedroom I am going to roll around on it and sleep on it!


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