Does cebada exist in the states? Because I love it… so I need to know if I should bring a big bag home or not!

So this week has been a good week of adventures. It started with killing a mouse… again. But this time the Landlady wasn’t home, and I was washing my hands when BOOM. The mouse fell from the heavens. I chased it around the counter, and ended up just spraying it down with Permethrin (crazy bug killing spray… that will burn your skin if touched…) and the Hermana Mendez hears me screaming, so she comes running in with the broom and WACK. Makes a huge hole in our sink.. and missed the mouse… so… we’re gonna have to pay for that… (and the toilet that she tripped and fell and broke the lid. so… anyways. I ended up getting it outside and killing in with the broom… I`vè learned so many valuable things here on the mission!
Anyways. Tracting has been fun this week, we`ve been getting further and further out of the city… and it reminds me so much of good winter fun. Because the dust out here is just like snow. You never know when you might just step in, up to your knees in dust or dirt… pretty great.
So, pretty sad weekend, but also awesome. Sad, because our wedding and baptism fell, Karla and Julio didn`t feel ready to complete with God and keep the law of chastity… BUT the good news is WE HAD A WHOLE CAKE TO OURSELVES! WAHOO! yeah. But this weekend we have three baptisms, Hazel, her cousin Janeth, and her daughter (of Janeth) Jenifer. WAHOO!
Super weird, we got our changes calls today, and I don`t have changes! But Hermana Lopez is going. So just me and Hermana Mendez are going to stay! wahoo!
Everything is going smoothly. Always looking to find more people, but working hard!

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