So this week was alright. We felt more confident than ever to bring investigators to church, to help them progress, but at the last minute all of them flaked. So frustrating, but here we start over again! Gotta start with a good positive outlook!

We killed a rat in our apartment this weekend. With a broom. Hermana Lopez and Hermana Mendez just stood on the bed screaming while the landlady and I ran around the room like crazies trying to trap the little thing. It was actually really funny.
My camera died this week, and the Hermana Quezada has my charger, so we`ll see when I`ll get all the pictures to you guys.
We found this awesome family yesterday, they have this cute ranch that they run all by themselves… which is actually a huge accomplishement. The parents are Morales (Carlos… but they call him Morales) and Elizabeth, with their 3 little boys Carlos (7) Adrian (3) and Jose Luis (1) They are awesome. We`re really excited to start working with them!
Here`s looking up! We`re going to do so good here in Diriomo!
Here is a picture of Sofia’s Baptism.  So Awesome!

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