Loving Jesus the Christ!

So,not much has happened this week. Loving my study of Jesus the Christ all this week. If you really want to understand the New Testament? READ THAT BOOK! Its truly amazing.

Reading about the resurrection of our Savior and Redeemer. (I`m sorry if I don`t spell good, all my english has flown out the window) is so beautiful. That He rose, and thanks to Him, we will rise again too. Beautiful.
Some cool facts, there is a house here (that I`ll try to get apicture of… it`s hard to take pictures because I never carry around my camera.) But anyways, there is a house,that is about 150 years old…what? It`s just an old house (without bedrooms… because they just put up cardboard walls to have bedrooms) But that`s pretty awesome…


  • Selfie me… and my apartment. As you can see,we still use mosquito nets..
  • And that “mountain” is a volcano. Mombacho….
  • Fried fish anyone? Super crazy, but it as actually very good.
  • Also, squishing 5 of us in the back of a moto-taxi? Pretty crazy..

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