Crazy crazy Diriomo

BUT TRANSFERS ARE THIS WEEK! Ready… I´m so ready. We´ll see what happens!

This week is CRAZY! And today we went to Managua to get the Cedula (Social Security Card) of Hna. Lopez, so I have no time to write!

So I HAD TRANSFERS! And here I am in… DIRIOMO! Not to be confused with Diriamba (where I was before) and I`m training again…. and in a trio. I`m with Hna, Lopez who is just coming out of her training, and Hna. Mendez who started her training in Texas (visa waiter) and now she`s with me to finish up her training… so crazy! With two basically newbies we`re doing alright…
HAPPY WOMENS DAY! I don`t know if you new… but that happened this past week. Apparently they made it a big thing here in Nicaragua…
Strange thing this week… we saw a dead dog in the street (not the weird part) but it was absolutely flattened… like cardboard… but it WAS definitely a dead dog…

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