First off I am soooo relived to hear that your cancer is in Remission Dad! WAHOO!! Congrats. Good job. Really it was a team effort :0 nah I´m kidding. But I really am happy.

This week has gone by soo fast. The Chacon isn’t in her training anymore so we left everyday at 10:30… what? So cool.
So Sofia is awesome. Pretty sad that she couldn´t be baptized this week, but at the conference they talked a lot about Temples. And she asked us “what do WE have to do to get a temple?” Covenant making material RIGHT THERE! I just love it.
We´ve been sleeping a lot with the other sisters this week. Helping out with divisions. I love it, we get along really well as a district, and I´ll be sad for this change!
BUT TRANSFERS ARE THIS WEEK! Ready… I´m so ready. We´ll see what happens!


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