That’s so 70’s

So awesome this week. A NEW MISSION HAS BEGUN. Elder Ochoa from the area seventy came and spoke to us. And gave us a whole new perspective on the mission! He kinda got mad at us for focusing on numbers, and really talked about focusing on the people, and baptizing. We have been having monthly numbers, and he talked about how we need to get rid of that, and instead just focus on having a baptism every week. I really loved it. It helped me see that if we focus on the people, the weekly numbers will really take care of themselves. So we’ve really tried to chill out and focus on what our investigators need.

So Sofia and Nohelia were all ready to be baptized this Saturday, but now they`ve anounced a Conference this weekend… A conference for ALL OF CENTRAL AMERICA. WAHOO!!! Big news I bet… maybe a temple in Nicaragua? That would be so cool. But who knows. At the same time I don`t feel that there are enough people who are ready to make those bigger convenants. Or maybe there are. So glad that I don`t have to decide, and it`s all up to the lord who actually knows the hearts and minds of the people. But whatever it is, I`m sure it will be amazing!

Next Wednesday are transfers, so I`m grateful to spend another week and a half with Sister Chacon. She is amazing. She finished her training officially yesterday, so this next little bit will just be extra with her! What luck!

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