One year older and wiser too!

So, in this past week I completed one year in the mission! Wow, has time just flown by! It definitely  doesn’t feel that long.

This past week President Challenged us all to study Faith in Christ. I really enjoyed it. Something that I loved the most is that the faith in Christ, IS DOING HIS WILL! I can´t tell you how often we have people telling us that they have faith, and when we remind them of the Sabbath day, or of praying everyday, and they say they do it “When they have time”, where is the faith? May I remind you all that Faith without works is dead. Thank you Apostle James. Faith is also hope, patience, love… if we have faith, nothing can get us down!

So our investigator Sofia is really progressing. We taught her Plan of Salvation, and she read the pamphlets we left her, and the chapter in the Book of Mormon, AND the Gospel Principles book. Wow. We were pretty impressed. As well as another investigator Nohelia came with her husband Pedro this past Sunday to church, she is reading the Book of Mormon as well, and already knows that it’s true. BOOM. The gospel is true.
This past week Sister Chi (from Belize) went home, so we celebrated and I made her a cake. (We were going to make cookies, but brown sugar apparently doesn’t actually exist here… neither does baking soda) but we slept over at their house (we just put the two bunkbeds together and slept 6) we also roasted marshmallows over a candle, and then ate the with Chikys (they are cookies with one side of chocolate… when it doubt google it out) so that was pretty amazing. We ate that with Pengüinos (like Ho-hos) and Coke…. all that sugar and I was the first to go to sleep. But it was pretty fun.
My converts Diego and Teresa came by and visited me and the Hermana Quezada this Wednesday, that was pretty amazing. As well as a member from Jinotepe brought us dinner. (He never invited us to dinner when he was there, and now he´s brought us chicken (really expensive) a few times now. Go figure.) Anyways, pretty awesome.

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