Wonder of Wonders!

Wow, the missionaries are made happy pretty darn quick I tell you! We had found an investigator in this last week, but we really didn’t put very much attention to her. (can you tell I’m translating from Spanish?) Anyways, we didn’t have time Sunday in the morning to pass by her house to bring her to church, because we spent a lot of time with another investigator a little more positive.. AND SHE JUST SHOWED UP! Like… by herself! We haven’t even taught her anything! Only invited her to church, invited her to ask God if she needs to be baptised, and boom! Came to church all by herself. Sofia (the investigator) had a thousand questions (understandably) like, what is the Book of Mormon, why are we talking about other prophets, and just the little stuff like that. But she wants to know more! Usually the people are great to let us in and to hear our message, but this is almost worst because it’s hard to pick out those who are just going to listen, and those who are REALLY going to act on the message that we bring. Now we know that she actually wants to know! Wonderful.

It’s so hard, this wonderful message we bring, and how quickly the people can shut their ears. Even just mention the name of Joseph Smith, and the door is slammed in our face. They think they already know, but the truth is that they don’t know anything! “No me gusta los mormones!” Honey, you don’t even KNOW THE MORMONS! They hear the gossip from all the other churches and pastores that have nasty habits of talking bad about everybody else, and they have already made their decision. So many times investigators say that they going to church here, because we DON’T EVER talk bad about other churches. I just love the gospel.
Anyways. We have interviews this week, they went good. President Russell explained to me how the last days will go if I don’t do my best work right now. So, pretty dang glad I’m working my hardest. I understand why he explained it though, a lot of people getting sent home for disobedience. Which just sounds terrible, because not only is that going to haunt you for the rest of your life here on earth, but as well as the life to come. What we do while wearing the badge of the Lord is very serious. I’m glad repentance is a thing, but I really don’t want to have to carry THAT cross. So I’m staying pretty dang obedient over here.

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