Give Joseph Smith a break!

I love this talk! I sent it to a few good friends of mine a couple of weeks ago. Strange thing la gente. Yesterday a woman was saying how she hated the church because *in whispered voice* Jose Smith died in a jail…. well yeah. But she made it seem like a crime… Well, it was a false crime. Jesus as well died as a criminal. Even though he hadn’t done anything either. He was cursed, and called the prince of the demons… still doesn’t make it the truth. But she refused to even listen to us, because somebody had shown her a news article of the death of Joseph Smith. Which I doubt is true, because it was in Spanish… why would they have the newspaper in Spanish? But the plain and precious truth is, WE DON’T BELIEVE IN JOSEPH SMITH! What an awesome man, what a wonderful prophet, but the RESTORED GOSPEL reaches much above and beyond him. And we cannot deny these truths.

Stepping off my latina soap box. This Nica’s out! PEACE!

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