I’m 20 and not married…que pena…

So this week has been an adventure… We started working in a new neighborhood that we haven´t really ever gone to, because it´s really far away. But a few people told us that there was a ¨short cut¨ from a neighborhood a little closer. After crawling under a barbed wire fence we started down mountainside (after getting lost a few times, because the path isn´t well marked) crossing a river, and CLIMBING up the next side. Pretty exciting, but wouldn’t  recommend it in a skirt…
We are having a hard time finding positive people here in Diriamaba, but we keep trecking along. This week a cute little old lady (mother of an investigator) gave us two tortillas, super random. But more random, is that before giving them to us, just walks over to the near by Bannana tree, rips off a big part of the leaf, and wraps up the tortillas for us, telling us to save them to eat with our dinner…. I just love it here!
Everybody always asks if we´re married or have kids, and I´m so used to responding ¨No, I´m only 20¨, and this one lady answered ¨When I was 20 I had just had my fifth child!¨ so… I guess I´m pretty behind in the game here…
Anyways. Everything is doing good, finishing up the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Reading about the Jaredites, and I just felt so sad for them. They literally just killed themselves off. So terrible. For their pride, for their wickedness… And poor Moroni who´s writing all this down, and seeing the same cycle happening with his people. So terrible. And we see it happening in the world today! so terrible. But, that´s why we just need our eyes on the Lord, and on the Prophet. We can have more happiness! We just need to do what is right, and follow those guideposts and guidebook to ¨How to have happiness¨ AKA the scriptures. Keep on doing what you know to be true!
Welll… Visiting teaching is a thing… but half the members are too lazy,.. or ¨busy¨¨ but it’s just because they don’t want to do it. It´s hard without cars and stuff, and they say they don’t have the money to spend on Moto taxis… even though It’s only like 10 cordobas, but they just find dumb excuses. Nicaragüense are good with their words, but never carry through with their actions… so hard…

a fit bit would be so cool. To see how much we really walk every day… it would be crazy…
Ana Maria is doing alright, just got a job… but works on Sunday,… grrrr…. HAVE FAITH! It’s  so hard watching people make the wrong decisions!

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