How to Study like a Man!

So… where to start… this week has been. A growing experience! Not gonna say I’m not glad that it’s overOne thing I really loved about this week though, was that we went to the “New Missionary Training Meeting” for the Hermana Chacon. And President gave a talk (the same talk he gives every new training meeting) about the bumble bee. But, it just struck me again. Literally the Bumble bee “can’t fly.” It’s wings, body shape, legs, everything points to the fact that IT CAN’T FLY. But, it does. It does fly, even though it shouldn’t be able to. Leaving all of us amazed. And that is how it is. Sometimes, we think we can’t. We shouldn’t be able to. Everybody tells us that we can’t… but we just do. Because with the Lord, nothing is impossible. The Bumble bee has work to do. It’s not gonna stop just because we can’t explain it.

So yeah. Really liked that this week. Kinda feel like a bumble bee, a lot. I don’t know how I keep going, but somehow I just do. I feel like my legs can’t take one more step, and then I’ve already walked another mile. Pretty amazing what the Lord does with us!
So Chaconsita and I have perfected the way to study… like a man. Add a mustache… and BOOM. Perfect studying powers. Ok, maybe we get a little easily distracted over here, but definently love being with Hermana Chacon. So glad to have another change with her! (a change with 7 weeks too) So I’m pretty dang happy. God is gracious, he knew this area was gonna take it’s toll on me, so he gave me my favorite companions while I’ve been here.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEB! Random side note, Hermana Chacon’s mom, is a year younger than Kaleb… who is my brother. Super weird!
Well, the houses are small, and the clothes washing thing… idk what to call it in English. But it’s outside, and usually they’re always washing clothes… daily chore. So we just ask if we can help, and then we do!

Well… we were late to church, and this old man needed to put his shoes on, but is sick and old and can’t bend over, and one of his shoes wasn’t going on. So I put it on. we only had 3 people in church sunday… I felt terrible. Yara, Zayda and Sergio. Zayda is a new investigator, Yara is old-ish, but doesn’t look good for a baptism, because is expecting her baby any day now. And Sergio won’t commit to be baptized.
Everything at home sounds awesome! Ali said she was helping at the temple open house, . Random info:  A few transvestites here (wear girl clothes) one is a less-active, but he/she told us that when he goes to church he goes as a guy…. just to complicate your life? Who knows…



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