Another P-day… gone

So, they´ve gotten into this terrible habit of taking away our p-days. Today President Christainsen from the seventies came and talked to us, which was actually really uplifting… but it took away our entire p-day, and we only have time to write to our families. Which has been happening way to frequently. So, I can´t wait until everything settles down.

So, not much happened. I had some pictures, but I´m writing later, so I´m in a really sketchy Cyber, (internet cafe) so I´ll send the pictures this next week. Don´t worry, they are worth the wait.
This week has been full of ups and downs. From getting a package from the Smith family! THANK YOU! (Super amazing, full of bouncy balls and little knick-knacks to give the kids when they need to be bribed.) So from that high, to having to put the shoes on of an old man so that he would go to church… all sorts of service we do here. Which, I´m pretty sure Hermana Chacon has washed everybody´s clothes, and I´ve swept all their floors this week. We found it gets us into houses to contact the people. But then we usually just get stranded working in their house… awkward! 

Happy birthday to little Joe today! 5 years old! Wow. So old!
as well as a happy birthday to Brooklyn, I can´t believe she´s going to be 11! When I tell the people that I have 18 nieces and nephews, with 2 on the way, they just don´t believe it. We have a pretty amazing family!

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