What an AMAZING week. It started out with teaching Hermana Chacon English. (who knew that the word ¨acknowledge¨ could be such a tongue twister) And just having an awesome time with my daughter! And it ended with me recieving awesome letters and packages! Thank you Steve, and Carly and Andrew, and also the AMAZING package from the family Aagard! THANK YOU! Also the beautiful testimonies from the Relief Society sisters from the 5th ward. What an awesome idea! Thank you mom for sending me those!

And then… WE WENT TO SAN JUAN DEL SUR! Those who don`t know, it is probably the top tourist place here. Super awesome (Pictures to follow) we went to PLAYA GIGANTE… basically BIG BEACH.

Super awesome. We played all sorts of games on the beach, soccer, ultimate frisbee, broom hockey. Way awesome. We also got our new goal for this year… 2600 BABTISMS! WHAT?!? It`ll be crazy!

Driving up there was crazy, way out of the way. And in the middle of nowhere. It felt like driving through the mountains in UTAH! Dry. Desert-y mountains. We were freaking out a little bit (all the Utah Mormons) until we totally saw monkeys just hanging out in the trees… Utah illusion gone… BUT MONKEYS!? REALLY?!? (sadly didn`t get pictures of the monkeys)
I didn`t answer your question Mom, last week, about the apartments. Yeah, we have a hot plate, and a little mini fridge. And now a MICROWAVE! And about the photo of ¨My room¨… well. That`s basically our apartment. Just a bedroom. Or maybe a study room, and a bedroom.

So… RAUL SE BAUTIZÓ! HURRAY! Yeah, we`re excited. He was pretty happy and excited. Everything went smoothly. So happy!

Raul’s Baptism.
Well. Now to start another amazing week! Really hope I don`t have changes!

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