T.G.I.P.D. (Thank Goodness It’s P-Day)

MY has this week FLOWN BY! So crazy. Anyways.
Thank you for your music! We finally packed the Christmas music away, and enjoying the music. Even though some of it can get a little 90’s… I love it. Cute old cheesy church music!
Nothing much going on over here. Well, we’re preparing for two babtisms this weekend! Ana Maria and Eliezer! Ana Maria is amazing, she’s 16 years old, and has a 1 and a half year old son. She is amazing, reading in her Book of Mormon, has a testimony and everything! Eliezer is a little bit of an eternal investigator… well… a lot of one. But says he’s ready! He’s 18 years old, and just has a lot of fears. He has had challenges with… every part of the Word of Wisdom, but is now clean and ready to move on with his life. The District Leader has been helping us a TON with him (So much that sometimes he’s suffocating us) but I just need to be grateful for his help, and take my pride out of it. So we’re excited! Pray for them!


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