Well… I`m sure I would cry. But I haven`t taken it down yet… so yeah!

This has been an AMAZING week. I don`t even know where to start.

I`ll start with a baby peeing on my feet. I just love how NOBODY puts diapers on their babies… so they just kinda go. Highlight of my week!

Naw I`m just kidding. And the babies mom went to church, so I couldn`t even be mad at her. Speaking of successful missionaries… we are! As a mission we hit 2200 BABTISMS! What?! Yeah, we`re pretty excited. So in January we are all going to SAN JUAN DEL SUR. Like the most touristical place in Nicaragua.We`re pretty excited.

So thursday we had our Multi-zona Navideña! Super great. We got this thing to hold our plaqua and our little medallion that we get for finishing our training, and a pen. That has our name on it! Also we got… wait for it… MICROWAVES! Yes. I have been living the last 10 months without a microwave. I don`t even know what to do with it right now!

I loved talking to all of you. Even though I kinda had a melt down on the screen when you couldn`t hear me… It`s been a long 10 months 😊 naw hombre. I`m really doing fine. Just get really weepy really fast. P-days are the worst, reading your very supportive letters… Liahonas too, they make me cry like every day. But It`s a good weepy. As in, I`m happy! I`m glad I got to talk to you guys (and in English) and see your faces. The camera did end up working after while, so I did get to see a lot of you. I just love sharing a little bit of what I`m doing here!

Dad. Don`t even worry if you totaled my little green machine… I mean, I am so broken up… NOT EVEN! She was on her way out, and I`m glad she died honorably. With her boots on. It would have been pretty embarassing if she just died one day in the drive way. NO CAR OF MINE WOULD DIE THAT WAY! And by the way, when do you finish up with your radiation treatments? soon right? Hopefully… You looked A TON better than I thought you would look. I had all sorts of crazy imagines in my head. The word cancer is always scary. I LOVE YOU LOTS!

I am so grateful for all of my family. Sometimes I definently don`t express it enough. I am so blessed to have a supportive family. I hear too many stories from companions/friends of how they didn`t talk to their families, or other things, because they don`t get this kind of support. I LOVE YOU ALL!

(my camera isn`t connecting… so I`ll send pictures the next week! Promise!!)



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