I`ll be home for Christmas… if only just through skype!

Just kidding. I`ll totally be talking through google hangouts.

So this week has FLOWN by. Had a few days really sick with fever, but I have mostly gotten over that.
Hermana Chacon is awesome, we`ve had a great week together. She is learning so fast and so well. She even deals with my crazy feverish mood swings! So yeah. Couldn`t have asked for a better companion! She is awesome.DSC04770
But sadly this week we couldn`t find very many people. We only found one investigator who came to church with us… but it was just because he came out of his hiding spot too early 😉 so we found him… BUT this awesome new investigator came to church by himself! AND HE IS BLIND! Can I just stress the amazingness of this situation? We can barely get the people we have taught and have gotten to know to come to church. And he just found himself at the church. No he doesn`t have any friends there. Yes he did go there intentionally (that was the first question ¨Do you know where you are?¨ ¨Yeah, I`m in front of the Mormon church¨ Alrighty then…) So yeah. Raul is out little miracle. And then today he gifted me a watermelon, so we`re basically just already ready for his babtism! MIRACLES!
So excited to talk to all of you FRIDAY! I`ll try to have a list of questions ready, because we will only have 45 minutes to talk. But I`m sure we`ll get a lot out! It`ll be so weird talking when we haven`t talked FOR SO LONG! So excited.
We`re so lucky too, because we have our Multi-Zone THURSDAY. Let us all be real here. The 24 of Dec is always the coolest day anyways! So, I have basically heard that it is always the most fun multi-zona of them all! I`m pretty excited.    Only 8 months to live it!

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