IT’s a GIRL!

So this week has been crazy! Saying goodbye to Hermana Hansen was so hard! She really has helped me be such a better missionary and not stress about the little things. Really miss being with her, but on to bigger things now!

So monday night was the purisima, so we actually couldn`t get a lot of work done. Lots of people singing to Mary virgen statues, pretty crazy stuff.
Tuesday morning we were followed by an old investigator (who was very drunk) and he came into the house of a member to bug us. Nothing happen, just proclaimed his love for me and spilled a little bit of his beer over my head. The usual. They also told us Tuesday that I was going to be training! Which makes those pregnant pictures I had sent just a little premature.
So yeah, I have my cute little ¨Daughter¨ Hermana Chacon. She is from Guatemala and has almost two years of being a member. She found out where she was going (and when) about a month ago, so that`s exciting. She had one week to prepare, and then was sent off to the MTC! Crazy. Anyways, she is wonderful and a fast learner. She has a great desire and hunger to spread the restored gospel to the people here in Diriamba! I`m still having a hard time loving this area, and it really is the last place I would have wanted to train, but we are going to BABTIZE THE WHOLE WORLD HERE!
Anyways. I was gonna take a picture with her today to send to ya`ll, but I actually woke up really really sick, so I guess I`ll save that picture for next week!
Here are some photos from Tuesday, our frito of a District leader gathered us all together to take some last ¨distrito refrito¨ photos. Also known as ¨Martinez and gringolandia¨ Which sadly is no more. Hermana Boulton is leaving in the middle of this change, and will leave me (once again) the only chelita in our district. We had a good time us four chelitas together, but we`ll be able to have all sorts of crazy mission reunions at home!

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