“Can you just tell me what I have to do to marry you?”

A few new marriage proposals this week. Nothing too new. Definently going to have a hard time adjusting to home life, when there isn’t somebody who wants to marry you on every street corner! (But usually they are very drunk… so I guess I’m ready to get rid of that) NOT THAT I AM EVEN THINKING OF GOING HOME! Not gonna lie, killing Hansen is hard. She isn’t “Trunky” but she does have to think about what it will be like at home… MY HOME!

Anyways. Getting out of that. So this week (well, more like today and tomorrow) is the “Purisima” so we have to work with a member tonight. Basically it is like Halloween! For catholics. There are these HUGE Virgen Mary statues (one right in from of our house… so exciting) and basically everybody goes and sings these Maria songs, to the statue (or idol?) and they get free rice and beans. And then all the men take it as yet ANOTHER excuse to get so drunk our of their minds. But that part shouldn’t really happen until after 9, so we’ll be all nice and tucken into our apartment by then. But yeah, super interesting.
Random thought for the week. So, God can feel sad. (Not sad like we know it of course, but a disapointment and sadness for his wayward children) But still. It’s gotta be hard for him. He loves us with more love than we can imagine. So I think he must feel this sadness for us as well. I don’t know. Interesting concept. But also that, in this life we have sadness. Is part of this to help us prepare for the life eternal? To be able to have sad moments, but always be happy? To have this peace about us? So we should strive for that! We have sadness in different ways here on earth, because we failed, because of the bad choices of others. Sometimes just natural sadness. But it takes real skill to not get disanimated. Isn’t that a heavenly virture? I think it’s called HOPE. And PATIENCE. Dad you really are a wonderful example to me. You don’t tell me very much about your cancer, but I have picked up that it is harder than you let on. But you still do seem to have this HOPE. To keep plugging along. Even if you feel terrible. Hard times come, and sometimes because of our own fault. Sometimes because of the fault of others. And well, sometimes they just come.”Press forward, Saints, with steadfast faith in Christ, With hope’s bright flame alight in heart and mind, With love of God and love of all mankind.”
That’s it folks!


We made some Christmas decorations to feel better about our lives. An event calender, and one of those ring things. It’s pretty great..

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