The tide is high…But I’m holding on.

So, Diriamba is looking to be a pretty great challenge before me. We have been working so hard, and working like crazy  this past weeks trying to find good positive investigators, and we are just coming up dry. But changing some finding techniques this week, and hopefully that can pay off!

We only had one investigator come to church yesterday, and her name is Teresa. She is so smart, and actually always studies the pamphlets and the scriptures we leave her in the Book of Mormon. The only problem is the faith! She just wants to see the proof. We talked about how Jesus came and visited the Americas, and she was just too focused on if there was any Native American findings about if it was actually true or not. It is so hard to try and fight it about the faith.
But then I kind of realize that is what I`m doing. We are working so hard and not seeing the fruits of the labor. Where is the ¨Proof¨ of that what we do is right! We have to stop being doubting Thomas´s and just believe! We KNOW that the Lord will reward us. So we just need to keep working along!
THANKSGIVING! We had the opportunitiy to come together as a Zone and have a cute little Thanksgiving dinner. We couldn`t really find a pie, but after ward coorelation that night we went out for Ice Cream instead! I was very thankful for our ¨Acción de Gracias!¨
Hermana Hansen also went in for her LAST INTERVIEW! I can`t believe how this change has just flown! I am so nervous for who is going to be my next companion, because it just has been so perfect with her!
Anyways. Wish me good luck! Going back into the fray!


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