Hump Day!

WER’RE HALFWAY THERE! Not that I am trunky AT ALL! I really have hit a wonderful spot in my mission. I am just into the work, loving every moment, and feeling the spirit always!

So this week has had a lot of ups and downs. From people “slyly” locking their gate as we walk by, to people really WAY TOO BUSY to talk to us (aka watching the TV) but then to teaching a 95 year old man how to fist-bump, so I can’t really complain.

So on a sad note, our investigator that has a pet monkey is only 16 (she had told us she was 19) and we got chewed out by her aunt about teaching a menor without parents permision… so we missed out on that picture! Naw, it is sad, she had seemed so positive! Maybe with time…

So the sister training leaders (who are in our district) had to stay over for a couple nights because their landlord didn’t pay the electric bill. So we had a pretty fun sleep over with us for gringas! Pretty awesome!

Other mission bucket-list items, we went to the hospital this past week! Hermana Hansen had made it all of her mission without this trip, so it was a very big moment for the best of us! Nothing big, I have just had about 2 months with this cough, so we went in to take an x-ray of my lungs… turns out we still don’t know what is wrong, so they just gave me a whole lot of drugs, and we’ll see what happens with that! (So don’t be worried mom, I’m fine!)

Just living on a prayer over here, and it’s treating me pretty great here in Nicaragua. I feel wonderful, loved, safe, all that good stuff you worry about mom. Don’t worry at all, only 9 months to live it! I can’t believe I’m closer to going than to coming.

I’m pretty excited for Thanksgiving! Even though, ya know, they don’t celebrate it here in Nicaragua, I heard that last year he gave everybody 100 corbs (like 4 bucks) to eat as a district or a zone. So hopefully we’ll have that happen this week too! I’m pretty excited! Also today as a district we went to “La Makina” which is super pretty waterfalls. We had a picnic, and then just climbed all over the rocks and took pictures. Super fun!

Hopefully I don’t have to explain the pregnant belly… 9 months…
My pharmacy!
Hospital trip! it was pretty great!
— I love you all!
Hermana Lord

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