Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

Hey there!

So nothing new, just hanging out with my awesome companion Hermana Hansen! But, with the mission there is always troubles. I guess since I just have it so easy with her, we are kinda struggling trying to find investigators.

But we do have a really awesome one named Lauren, who is working so hard on getting an answer. Her family is really catholic and giving her a really hard time, so I think she`s scared of accepting the answer. So we have been praying very hard for her.
So this week has been a week of CHRISTMAS! DSC04637I got that package from you guys of the tree and all of the ornaments  (even if you didn`t happen to send a picture of yourself mom… I`ll be expecting that) So we put up Hermana Hansens Christmas tree and we`ve been listening to christmas music all of this time. It feels pretty weird sweating, and taking holiday pictures. But it was pretty fun. I`ll be sad not being home, but let`s be honest, the only Christmas I will ever spend in Nicaragua! How cool is that!
Talking to Lauren yesterday, and she brought up like “You just don’t understand MY situation” and so we talked about how many people have sacrificed for what they know is true. And about the pioneers. And as we were talking I couldn’t keep myself from being filled with just so much joy! This is the truth. This is the reason I’m here. Being in Nicaragua is awesome, but I just need to send this clarity to all the world! She talked about how she feels such confusion, and I just wanted to let her feel as I feel. If we just embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we undestand and accept his atonement! Not very many people outside of our faith actually understand the word “Atonement”. And reading that talk that mom sent me from Sheri Dew about Grace, just opened my mind up even more. THIS IS SO NEEDED FOR A HAPPY LIFE! If we didn’t have this gospel, we would be so lost!
Stepping off my soap box now…
So mom asked what is the most common occupation here. I would probably have to say selling stuff. We have the market, and also people go door to door selling with rice and milk, bread, clothes. As well as most people have a little store in their houses. Just a wall with clothes that you can look through and buy. Or “Pulperias” which are just little general stores..
But the second most common job would be construction worker. Something is always being constructed. Either they are changing houses from tin walls, to stone walls… or putting in cobblestone streets.
That is one thing that Nicaragua has always suprised me with, it’s ingenuity. They may not have a lot of money, or education. But somehow they can make due with weird odds and ends, and use them for your advantage. Don’t have weights? Just fill up with paint cans with cement and put a bar between them. They just do what they can with what they have. It is awesome!
Speaking of which… DSC04578this is a bridge over a very high drop into a very small stream. They just got old rail road track, and put wood over it. The wood isn’t nailed down or anything. So that was always pretty exciting!
And also, learning from Nica-ness, this is what we call “Poor mans PP&J” it’s just peanuts with jelly. It is actually amazing. I would highly recommend it! DSC04583
Ever feeling sad? Just look at this picture. DSC04587Hermana Hansen’s cousin drew this of Jesus. And it just makes me so happy. I just love it.
Last but not least riding in a moto-taxi. Awesome!DSC04593

 Here is the babtism I walked into..DSC04600 DSC04594

Halloween came and went , they don’t really celebrate it here.  Nov 2nd is “The day of the dead”  ad it is basically memorial day, where everybody goes to graves and remembers their dead. The little bag of candy was the only thing that reminded me that it was Halloween!

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