Par de locas!

So… crazy week! First off….

And I can´t even explain how awesome it is. So first off, her name is Hermana Hansen. I´m killing her… again with the killing people… (I better start getting used to that) But she´s white… and like… from Utah… and then it gets even better… BECAUSE SHE IS FROM OREM! Crazy right? It is awesome. We just have so many built in jokes! We can start singing from “Saturdays Warriors” Together, and we just totally get it! She is a wonderful missionary, and was actually in my same district when I first arrived in Nicaragua… Basically saved my life with English breaks and real life “This only happens when you’re in Nicarauga” sort of stuff. So I am so grateful to be her companion. She was somebody I really looked up to, and now I get to work with her!
So other than staying up way too late every night talking (Cause we just can’t ever stop talking) I have been learning a lot of my new area DIRIAMBA! It’s a way bigger area than Jinotepe was, but I’m getting better and getting around here. We have an interesting lunch appointment (like, we eat sardines) as well as our apartment usually doesn’t have water (I thought a cold shower was bad… cold bucket showers are worse!) But we do get around in these little “Moto-taxis” three wheeled golf-carts.
 They (we) had a babtism this past Saturday, her name is Angela and she is possibly the coolest lady ever. The next day was testimony meeting and she totally shared her testimony. So glad I got to be part of her big day!
So this past Sunday, we got a call from some Jehovas Witnesses that the other sisters had talked to a little. They are here preaching as well, and just wanted other Gringas to talk to. So we went over, ready to not fight at all. No matter what. And they were really interested in the Plan of Salvation, so we explained it really fast (like, without scriptures… weren’t there to bash) and just the basics of what we believe. After we finished (and they had a ton of questions) they asked if we had some questions for them… Which the truth is, we didn’t. But they wanted to share their whole “Why we are here on the earth” spill, so we let them. (That’s one thing I love about Hermana Hansen, she is just so calm and humble.) But the reason I bring this up, is because it was so sad. Basically they believe that the life that Adam and Eve had, was the life that God intended for all humans. And basically them eating the fruit just put a detour to that life, and Jesus basically just atoned for Adams sin, so that we can all be in that happy no progression we don’t know misery life again one day… WHAT?!? What would be our reason for exsisting then? Why would we have commandments in this life? Why would we be so worried about having a relationship with God? I just… can’t even!
THE PLAN OF HAPPINESS is so essential for… well… our happiness! We are here to act upon our own free will. God was loving enough to let us be GROWN UPS! To let us make these decisions. He wasn’t selfish, he didn’t keep us for himself like little ants in an ant farm. In a “Perfect little world”. 2 Nephi 2:25Adam fell that men might be; AND MEN ARE THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE JOY! I just can’t even express how much I love this gospel. So many people are just so lost without it. Man. I just love it!
So I guess that is my rant for the week… tune in next time! When, I´ll still be in Nicaragua!
P.S.The mom of Regina gave me this sweater, and I bought the skirt, it was super duper long, so I just had it cut.
The chapels are air conditioned here so sweaters feel good to wear.
DSC04450 DSC04445
I wore this outifit to the Multi Mission  Meeting.  I sang in the choir.  Elder Snow was our visiting authority.

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