Life as we know it.

So this week has flown by, really! I can´t think of very many things that happened…

Investigator wise, we have two new progressing investigators who are really neat. Mauricio and Regina, they are cousins. They both are only like 20 years old. Mauricio has a bit more of problems because he just got out of jail like a month ago, and still doesn´t have a very good relationship with God. But that is why we´re here! But Regina is awesome. Her moms is very evangelica, so that might be a problem. But Regina is looking for how she can grow closer to God. They both went to church this past week, and really liked it! So we´ll see where that goes! As well as this past monday we watched the movie “The Testiments” with them. And they are doing really good in the Book of Mormon!

With 8 months in the mission now, everything feels about the same. I took a few photos (but forgot my cable at home) so I´ll have to send those the next week.

Pretty cool, I´m going to be in the choir this Saturday for a MULTI-MISSION. Elder Snow from the 70s is going to come and speak to us. I think the topic is about how the missionary work started here in Nicaragua. The sad part about the choir is that it took out part of my p-day… and the good part? I got to eat McDonalds! So that was super weird. It tastes like normal, good ole American Mcdonalds. Just that I haven´t tasted in 8 months. So pretty weird.

So, since there has been so much sickness with mosquitos, we have to use bug nets now. And although our house usually is pretty bug free, I do feel like a princess with my bug net. They gave them to us, and of course the only color that they bought for the girls is… PINK! So yes. I sleep very well.

I´m make sure to send pictures the next week! I love you all!


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