Minute to Win it

Hello Family!

So this week was pretty fun! We had a multi-zone activity, and we played a bunch of games from “Minute to win it” and it was awesome! Next family reunion activity? I don`t know. But it really helped us de-stress! Also talked a ton about the fourth missionary, and how we need to be completly focused on the work here. Not just working hard with our minds elsewhere, but completly involved.
So my first Sunday here in Jinotepe, we met a woman named Ivania. She had come to church by herself, and asked for a Book of Mormon. Turns out her companion is a members, but is still married to another memeber of the church. And they`ve been sealed in the temple and everything. But because his other children are all big, he decided to now be with Ivania and raise the children he had with her.
So yeah. This situation is really hard. Because she knows that this church is true, and needs babtism. But we can`t and shouldn`t support him and his other wife getting divorced. So it`s been a battle. But now, almost 4 and a half months later, they are finally getting divorced, so that Ivania can fufill with the law of chastity! And she can get babtized this week or the next! How exciting! She`s been waiting for awhile… but It`s a hard situation. We support the good, and reject the bad. But when the good has to come of bad things?

Very Clean Streets
Very Clean Streets


So that`s hard. But, we`ll do our part and leave the judging to God!
Here is a picture of the street outside of our house.
and the door to our room!
Answers to moms questions!  And some questions of my own….
1. I hired a member to do my laundry. We use space of the Land Lady. She is very kind.
2. There is dirt on the floor occasionally… but I keep my stuff pretty clean. Always have in the mission. My bed is never made though.
3. Yes I am still in Jinotepe
4. I have lost and gained and lost and gained….
5. My hair is getting longer it touches my shoulders. And I can use ponytails, with lots of bobbypins.
6. in Jinotepe we aren`t very cool, and usually all of the p-days it`s just me and my companion. The last p-day we ate hamburgers with other sisters.
So, the mission president has requested that we ask our parents in every package to send two bottles (can`t be aerosal. Only pump spray) of bug repelant. At least 40 deet. Because we can`t buy it strong here.
AS well as thinking about cheap Christmas presents… I would love those glow in the dark starts, taht you can stick to the ceiling… would be cool…
I Love You !

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