Master Theif


So this weekend was awesome! We could only watch General Conference on Sunday, but it was very beautiful! I loved the talk from the Prophet. Very inspiring, and very centered in Jesus Christ. I could feel the power that he has!

AS WELL! I´m going to start the “ponderize” every week a scripture thing from General conf Elder Devin Durrant. This week is Alma 34:41 41 “But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions.”

So this week started out pretty interesting. We ran into a less-active member drinking in the street. He started to talk to us, and started crying about how he can’t go home because “it upsets the women-folk to see me like this” so we invited him to sit down, which he couldn´t do it because he had a huge bottle of alcohol tucked into his pants… so he had to take it out…. In which moment I used my awesome stealing abilities, and stole from a drunk man. I felt pretty bad. My companion didn´t even notice that I took it, so that was good. But when he got up to leave he was pretty sad. He told us we shouldn´t do such things to poor drunk men, and something about how he can preach the gospel too. But then he stumbled away. At which point I pulled out the bottle, poured out the liquor and safely deposited the bottle in the trash… but pretty exciting.

Soo… scripture study time! Yesterday a member asked us where the city of Zarahemla came from… and you know what? We don´t even know how they got to the Americas! Only that the Mulekites were in Jeruselem, all his family got persecuted and died… and BOOM. They were guided to America (the northern part) so… looking forward to finding this hidden bit of history one day…

So right now we are in “winter” which basically means rain… but it´s actually a super hot time of year! It is supposed to rain any second, but always before rain it´s super humid and hot…. so we´ve been sweating like crazy. I´m in one of the coolest areas of the mission! And I´m dying of heat! so that´s crazy.

Everything is going pretty good besides that… just chugging along!

Loving all the family annoucments! How exciting! Everybody sounds like they´re doing awesome!

Loving it here!       Enjoy some cola!


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