So yeah, we got to watch the lunar eclipse last night… but we happened to be in the darkest area of our zone… walking to a members house… at 8 at night. Pretty spooky but fun! Really pretty. My companion was freaking out a bit.

Other news, Congrats Rachel! How awesome that you find your father! My favorite part is that you´ve always been part of his family, and you didn´t even know! You made me cry (with joy) about how beautiful life is and junk… I don´t know, but that is a really awesome opportunity!
As for here, all is well. Haymie and Abel recieved the Holy Ghost, Alan got babtised and confirmed.
I got to listen to the Womens conference (and super good that one of the daughters of Teresa who doesn´t want anything with religion came too!) and I loved it! I loved Pres. Uchtdorf´s talk about eternal perspective. How we can be happy right now, with the knowledge that one day our situation will be better. I don´t know, definently helped me realize, that every moment I have here, is a new moment to remember. The good, the bad. I´m only here for 18 months whether I´m missing home or not. I still am going to have bad and good moments whether I want to remember them or not. And I do, I want to remember every moment. I´m pretty sad I don´t have a camera with me at all moments to video everything I do. To remember it! How amazing! I´m living in Nicaragua! I´m surviving the heat, the drunks, the haters. I´m not just surviving I´m thriving!
idk… I love it!
So exciting! This Conference with three new Apostles! How exciting! We get Sunday morning sessions “for free” but the other three sessions we have to bring 4 or more investgators… eeck! So yeah. I´ll be wanting this session in the Ensign as well!
So we went and ate at the house of Teresa and Diego yesterday. And they served us Yuca (it´s… like a potato… and squash… and… better yet, look it up!) with tomatos and…. pig skins? Remember those “chips” That you and Dad like? Yeah… it´s just that… and apparently it´s like a famous dish here. So that was pretty good…
Just a Scripture and I´m off. Been studying the Bible a lot, and I love it! Never really paid much attention to the Bible before, but it´s pretty great.
For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you inthe spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ. –Colossians 2:5
I love you all! 
1. The mom of Alan and his Grandma and the bishop (who babtized him)
2. Alan and two of the girls the Elders babtized

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