Ice Cream Miracles


So this week has been a little rough… we had a babtism! YAY! Two of the children of Teresa and Deigo got babtized! Abel and Haymie. Everybody was pretty dang excited… and pretty stressed out. Because the ward mission leader told everybody that it got canceled.. but it wasn´t. So the people to give talks didn´t show up, and the person who was supposed to babtize them didn´t come either. But luckily there was a seminary class, so we found Luis, this super awesome priest (who was super nervous) to babtize them. So the babtism part turned out good… but they didn´t get confirmed… because there was miscommunication with the Bishop. 

He wouldn´t let them get babtized because one thing on the register wasn´t filled out. One thing that isn´t necassary, but I guess he thought it was pretty important. So now Teresa and Diego are pretty unanimated, as well as Abel and Haymie. At the church all ready to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. And they are still a little confused on why it didn´t happen. But hopefully we can animate them for this next Sunday, and we are all prepared for our… very particular… Bishop. (And the truth is, this isn´t even in his area. He isn´t in charge until after they´re members… but I´m trying to have so much love for this man…) 

ANYWAYS! So this Saturday we have a babtism! (and Sunday we´ll have three confirmations!) His name is Alan. He is a son of some inactives, and is so dang excited for this Saturday!

And this is when we talk about the hand of the Lord. Like one month and a half ago, me and Hermana Quezada were leaving a members house when they gave us helados (home-maid frozen milk and fruit in a bag… like ice-.cream!) but the fruit was nancite, which is a terrible fruit. I don´t understand why people eat it. But lots of people like it. So we were walking in the street, wondering what we should do with our little bags of frozen milk. When there were these two kids in the street. So we asked them if they wanted it, and gave it to them… And turns out one of those kids was Alan! We recieved him as a reference about three weeks ago. And the other one, we recieved as a reference about one week ago! His name is William. And we are pretty excited to work with him as well!

So the Lord works in mysterious ways.

As well as I contest to the power of the Holy Ghost. In this past week, during one of our daily planning sessions, we decided to visit a investigator who is never at home,  (and whom we are pratically planning on dropping any minute)  and so we planned as a plan b. (like if we have time) anyways. So our plan a fell through, but we didn´t really feel like going and visiting this investigator. Knowing that she is never at home. And we almost didn´t… but then we did. And she wasn´t home. But who WAS home was her sister in-law, and her brother. And we taught them, and they are very positive! The husband (Isaias) went to church this past Sunday, and hopefully they can both come this next Sunday as well! We are super excited to work more with Gisel and Isaias. We taught them the restauracion and they already feel pretty confident that Joseph Smith is a prophet. WOW!

So yeah. I don´t really have any more… SO FOTOS!

1. Babtism!  2. Proud parents (and the boy who babtised them) 3. our tiny little apartment.. (one room)   4. our alarm clock… every morning at 5 am folks…

I love you all!

DSC04086 DSC04090 DSC04107 DSC04111


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