This Little Piggy!

Another week is here! Hurray!

So this week was interesting. We worked a little with Fernando (our convert) with his friend Johnny, who went to church this past week! YES! So we´re excited that Johnny is progressing, and that Fernando can help him out with that, while he is growing his own testimony. And that my friends, is what we call two birds with one stone.
So, some interesting life changing moments. We were at this house, and they have this piglett. Who has a rope tied around it, and at the end of the rope a block of wood. So that the little thing can´t escape/run very fast/leave. And he got stuck around a pole. And the stupid little thing couldn´t backtrack. Because it thought it knew better. And how many of us are stupid little pigletts? We might be stuck, but just want to keep moving forwards. In our own knowledge. But all he needed to do, was to backtrack, only a couple of steps, and after would be able to be free. I don´t know. Food for thought.
Teresa and Diego are doing awesome. Hopefully we are going to babtize two of their children this weekend! Hurray! She is sharing all sorts of scriptures with us. About the Sabbath day, and how we have to go to church everyweek. She is very confident. We told her that we tell our families all about her and her family and she said “well good, now that they know me, tell them to send me chocolate!” She is very forward, but I love it. I really hope I don´t have changes this week, because this is my family here. Before the children all ran away from us (freaky mormons) but now that their parents are babtized and going to church every sunday, when we arrive everybody gathers in the room. We still can´t give the lesson to all of them (because they still run away) but little a little, they ask us questions about their concerns about the mormons. And it really just feels like my family. It´s wonderful!
We have a inactive who we are working with. She served a mission, only like 2 years ago, and her husband too. But they have both chosen to remove their garments and not go to church. It is so frustrating! Like “we´re going to see you in church this Sunday right?”  “no, I can´t go, because I have a doctors apointment this Sunday which I can´t lose” And I just wanna make her understand “YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH GOD THAT YOU CAN´T LOSE!” It´s so frustrating! Especially when I know she spent 18 months explaining to people why we need to keep the sabbath day holy, and how God is going to bless them… and now she can´t even keep the covenants she made herself. It is very frustrating, because it´s so sad! She knows what she needs to do, but still chooses not to do it.

Wow. Sorry for that mini rant. I love you all!
DSC04028 DSC04021
This is a mamon… they are amazing… but going out of season so I have to wait until the next season… sigh…DSC03980

This is my breakfast every day…. crackers!
and today was independance day here!

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