So this week was pretty dang awesome.
Yes they did it. Diego and Teresa got married, and baptized! So happy. I`ll send more pictures of both of those in other attachments, but a few here. (and lots of pictures of our super happy faces) everything went well. We got a super cheap lawyer… which showed in his work. He spent 30 minutes giving “marriage advice” to them, like “if you want to live separately, it`s ok. The law can`t do anything” and “back in the old day the man had total control of his house, sadly it`s not like that these days…” but he married them and they were all set for baptism…
So the neDSC03919xt morning (Sunday) we set off bright and early. And they came! Wahoo! Like an hour late (about gave us a heart-attack) and Diego got baptized first, all nice and clean. But poor Teresita. She has a fear of water, and especially getting dunked under water. And because she was scared, it took 5 tries to actually get her covered. And even then I didn`t think she was all covered. But the Bishop said it was clear, so we went with it. Presiding authority! WAhoo!
So yeah. Thank you so much for all of your awesome prayers!
Also this weekend, we had a multi-mission with the folks from the North, and we listened to Pres. Nelson speak to us! It was so super awesome. He talked about not only working hard, but WORKING SMART. Using our resources. And more importantly, not wasting time on people who aren`t going to keep promises with us. Because they are never going to keep covenants with God…. WOW. That is so hard! If we left every person who wasn`t there on the first teaching appointment… we would have gone through every person in Nicaragua. But I loved hearing it. I always feel guilty leaving people, this is their salvation! It`s pretty dang serious! But the truth is, if they aren`t going to take it seriously, we need to find the people who will…

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